whether you are still beating the snowy winter or just a fashionable arctic-hiker or preparing for the big space travel in future, we are sure the these futuristic boots for winter, dubbed the Moon Boots, by Italian firm Moonboot would tickle the stylish you. the Moon Boots aren’t new to the market but like all things awesome, it will always deserve a space here. inspired by astronaut’s hefty footwear, the Moon Boots are designed for you to straddle across the snow plains with extreme and not to mention, loud style. designed by Italian entrepreneur Giancarlo Zanatta after witnessing the first lunar landing in the historical July 20, 1969, the Moon Boots – like the man who took the first leap on the moon, made a giant leap in fashionable snow boots. apart from being uber fashionable, the functional aspects include insanely thick rubber soles that offers added traction for treading on ice, a well-insulated inners for keeping your footsie warm and cosy, and a unique design where there’s no left or right – just slip on and go. available in a mind-blogging number of designs and colorways including our favorite, the classic Rainbow design. you can grab yours from Fab at a special discounted rate starting from just $90 a pair. however, if you want one (or two), you better hurry cos’ the sale will end in two days time.

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