Motorola Special Edition ‘Red Carpet’ DROID RAZR MAXX

Motorola Special Edition 'Red Carpet' DROID RAZR MAXX
(photos: Motorola) Motorola Special Edition ‘Red Carpet’ DROID RAZR MAXX | US$na |

last year’s Academy Awards saw the hosts and selected nominees each walking away with a limited edition gold Motorola XOOM tablet, courtesy of Motorola and this year, Motorola is at it again but this time, with a Special Edition ‘Red Carpet’ DROID RAZR MAXX. this special edition smartphone will be presented to select nominees, as well as its presenters and features a vibrant 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a 8.0-megapixels camera with HD video recording and up to 21-hours of talk time. the nominees for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress will receive this special edition red RAZR in a glamorous, gold sequined pouch that’s big enough for any lady’s essentials for the evening, while the nominees for Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor and Best Director will be presented with a high-end shaving kit (no, Motorola does not make them). too bad if the Best Director turns out to be lady. oh wait… for this year’s nomination, they are all dudes. if that slew of goodies isn’t enough, Motorola is also equipping each of them with a Motorola ELITE SLIVER Bluetooth headset. damn, aren’t they are just some lucky folks? unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this ‘Red Carpet’ edition in the market but for mere mortals, you will have a chance to own this Special Edition ‘Red Carpet’ DROID RAZR MAXX by taking part in Motorola’s Twitter Sweepstakes that kicks off this Thursday. all you have to do is to retweet #RedCarpetRAZR and wait for lady luck shines on you. for more information, check out Motorola’s twitter page here. click on the above image for a closer look.

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