we always talked about capturing the moment that matters to us the most to us as we go about our daily routine, but how do we actually know which is the ‘moment’? our brains know that and with the help of the Neurocam by Japan-based Neurowear (the same folks behind the uber cute Necomimi), it will detect that moment and record a five-second video. apparently, when we are interested in a subject, our brainwaves will spike. this brain activity is detected by the Neurosky headset and the mobile app will assign a value (known as the “interest value”) between 0 and 100, and an “interest value” of 60 or more will triggers the phone, which is rather awkwardly mounted on to the side of the headset, to record a video clip. the clip is then save to the handset along with the time and location, and can be reviewed at a later time or share it on social networks like Facebook. you can also manually capture the footage if you so choose to.

the headset in use here is a custom brainwave sensor based on the Neurosky’s hardware and the app is Neurosky’s MindWave Mobile, which uses Bluetooth for communication between the headset and smartphone. on the surface, the Neurocam appears to be a novel way of recording the moments that are important to you (even if are not consciously aware of), but it has a more profound and creepy use and that is an analysis tool which, God forbids, may be exploited commercially to determine what interest the consumers. nevertheless, it is a pretty cool concept and it may turn out to the true journal of your life with things that really capture your attention instead of recording the length of it like other current devices such as the MeCam and Memoto proposed to do.

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at this point, the Neurocam by Neurowear appears to be at its prototype stage with no clear direction or application as yet. that said, we have to keep in mind that this is a prototype which may appears a little on the crude side, but according to Neurowear they will be working on a device that’s smaller, more comfortable and fashionable to wear. makes sense cos’ you certainly don’t want to look silly wearing it, do you? anyway, the Neurocam is not ripe for your picking just yet, well, if that is what interests you. regardless, do check out a clip to see the Neurocam in action. who knows? your interest for this piece of innovation might spike after watching it.

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