At the time I was writing this, Shonen Ric website is not accessible, but we thought our readers who may be fans of Godzilla, Ultraman and the rather obscure to the rest of the world, Mirrorman, Shonen Ric has some new offerings.

Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla 2019
Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla (2019)

The first is the Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla (2019) (not to be confused with NECA’s) which was sold out last year. This is a re-issue which will start shipping in January 2021.

Next up is a new Toho 30cm Series figure, the Favorite Sculptors Line Radon, straight from the 1956 Rodan movie. This isn’t new either. But it is now released under the FSL as a soft vinyl figure and comes with a special pedestal complete with branding.

As for the Ultraman collectible, it is the infamous Ultraman arch nemesis, Alien Baltan. The Gigantic Series Alien Baltan Limited Edition, as it is called, is finally available as soft vinyl figure and as its product name suggests, towers at an impressive 52 cm (20 inches). The figure further features light up eyes.

I would love to say the Gigantic Series Alien Baltan Limited Edition is a perfect companion to the C-Type Painted Resin Statue, but that is a whole 12 cm (4.72 inches) shorter. Then again, that figure was kind of crouching and so…

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Last but not least is the rather obscure giant superhero, the Mirrorman. It is not an Ultraman knockoff, btw. It is a lesser known outside of Japan’s superhero by the creator of Ultraman, Tsuburaya Productions.

Obviously, this isn’t the first Mirrorman figure. This one here, however, is a new version that features light-up eyes. The Large Monsters Series Mirrorman Light-up Version is also available to order as we speak.

I have to clarify, since the entire Shonen Ric network of websites appears to be inaccessible at this point, we have no idea of the pre-order period for the figures. Neither do we know the price.

Somehow, I have a bad feeling that the pre-order may be over for some of the products (if not all) since the news for the pre-order was announced on September 15. We apologized for the delay. We meant to put this piece up last week, but we had a little trouble with our server last Friday and it completely slipped.

While the product pages are inaccessible for now, we went ahead and included the links so you can check them out when they are accessible again.

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].

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