Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

Hard Graft Slim 13" Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13" Sleeve
(image: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (€65)/ Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (€79) | www.hardgraft.com

more good news for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Hard Graft has announced yet another duo of products to please the gadget-toting population. first up is the Hard Graft Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (aka the XII MacBook Sleeve) that is crafted from the signature 100% wool and semi-vegetable tanned cow leather combination, and offers both style and protection for your 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air. this fine example features a leather crafted front pocket to accommodate your smaller gadgets like your smartphone and the likes. the XII MacBook Sleeve is available in two colorway: All Grey and Heritage. next up is the Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (aka Slim MacBook Air Sleeve) that is designed with the 13″ MacBook Air in mind. similarly, it is crafted from German-made 100% wool felt and accented with premium semi-vegetable tanned cow leather. Continue reading “Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve”

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom – 10,000 watts Sound Dock

(image: BEHRINGER) BEHRINGER iNuke Boom | US$29,999.99 | www.behringer.com

this is an exciting time for gadget lovers as the world’s favorite electronics show is drawing nearer and firms are busy turning out new announcement running up to this mega-event. one of the biggest draw, literally, would be perhaps the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom, a refrigerator sized sound dock that will make your iPhone or iPod looks like an item from Gulliver’s Travel. this gargantuan sized speaker measures an incredible 8-feet (2.4-meters) wide by 4-feet (1.2-meters) tall, and weighs an astounding 700 pounds (318 kg) but its physical size is not the only mind-boggling figure. this monster size speaker system will pump out more than 10,000 watts of audio reproduction from your tiny iDevice docked at its top. i bet you didn’t even notice there is an iPhone sitting on top of this unassuming gigantic black box. Continue reading “BEHRINGER iNuke Boom – 10,000 watts Sound Dock”

Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer

Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer
(image: Adidas) Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer | US$tba | www.adidas.com

if you love how automotive brand mixes with fashion, then the Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer would probably appeal to you. this pair of eye-catching sneakers boast features like ultra light weight design (256 grams, to be exact), enhanced breathability and enhanced cushioning. hey but it is, after all, a pair for shoes, hence the ultimate judgment can only be passed by your pampered feet. however, as far as styles are concern, this pair is definitely going to get your friends talking and even more so if they managed to spot the tiny Porsche Design branding on the sneakers. there’s no price to it yet but it is safe to assume it won’t come cheap. Continue reading “Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer”

Nocs NS2 Air Speakers – Airplay comes standard

Nocs NS2 Air Speakers
(image: Nocs) Nocs NS2 Air Speakers | US$400.00 | nocs.se

Swedish firm Nocs, the maker of sleek looking in-ear earphones, surprises us by announcing a pair of speakers, dubbed the NS2 Air Speakers. we were genuinely surprised as this is a route least taken by any personal music gear manufacturer. anyway, the NS2 are a pair of minimalist designed speakers that features 3-inch Kevlar woofers for the low frequency duty, 3.25-inch silk dome tweeters, and as its name suggests, it is Airplay-enabled, allowing you to wirelessly stream your favorite tunes from your fruity devices. no word on its exact availability but expect to fork out around $400 for a pair of this unassuming speakers. click on the above image for a larger view. Continue reading “Nocs NS2 Air Speakers – Airplay comes standard”

iLaunch Thunder – high tech office warfare arsenal

Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder
(image: Dream Cheeky/Brando) iLauncher Thunder | US$99.99 | www.dreamcheeky.com

toy gadgets that will allow you to engage in an office cubical warfare are not new but one that uses your iDevice as the launch control is something that makes us sit up and take notice. unlike the standard USB equipped foam missile launcher, the iLaunch Thunder connects to your iDevice wirelessly via Bluetooth and from your iDevice, you are able to maneuver the iLaunch through its 270deg of horizontal rotation, and more than 40deg of vertical movement. once you are ready to engage, just tap or shake your iDevice for the launch command that will send the foam dart up to 25-feet of range – a range that should be ample if you are working in an office without high cubicles. speaking of which, I hope they’d come out with a mortar system that will fire over high partitions or perhaps, incorporating a view cam for a more realistic aiming effect. Continue reading “iLaunch Thunder – high tech office warfare arsenal”

Boris Phone Holder – holds your phone and its cable

Boris Phone Holder
(image: Mocha) Boris Phone Holder | £8.99 | www.mocha.uk.com

until the day when wireless charging becomes a norm, we will still have to live with charging cables snaking around our work desk. since snaking cables are an inevitable scenario, it makes sense to minimize the clutter associated with charging cables with something like the Boris Phone Holder. the Boris Phone Holder is designed in a shape of a hiker with a cradle on its back that holds your phone or mp3 player and this ‘hiker’ has his hands outstretched, holding the charging cable in his hands and through the base. instead of letting your charging cable settled randomly every time you remove your gadget from the cradle, Boris keeps them in place, ready for the next charge. Continue reading “Boris Phone Holder – holds your phone and its cable”

TWINE – connects almost anything to the Internet

(image: Supermechanical) TWINE | US$99.00 | supermechanical.com

just imagine this: when you are out vacationing, you received a SMS with this message: “Alert! The basement is flooding!” if the aforementioned scenario is what you wished for, then you are in luck. Supermechanical, the firm that gives furniture digital DNA, has conceived the TWINE, a nifty little gadget that will let you do the aforementioned notification with ease, and the best part is, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get it going. basically, TWINE is a durable rubbery square, measuring 2.5-by-2.5-inch, with WiFi connectivity, internal and external sensors that allows user to quickly set up with simple layman comprehensible rules via a simple web app. Continue reading “TWINE – connects almost anything to the Internet”

OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear

OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear
(image: OZAKI) OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear | US$tba | www.ozaki.us

iPhone photography or iPhonegraphy, as we like to call it, has generated quite a cult following since the introduction of the 2nd generation iPhone. while we have no complain about its quality as far as smartphone photography is concerned, we do face the problem of toting it in style or perhaps, getting it to mount on a camera tripod. the OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper and -Gear are designed to solved those two particular woes. the former is a bulked up bumper case that incorporates a tripod mount for mounting on most camera tripods. other features of the O!Photo-Bumper includes sleek aluminum construction, stainless steel power and volume buttons, adjustable tripod sockets, strap eyelet for attaching a lanyard, and a screw-free installation (unlike the ElementCase). the O!Photo-Gear, also features an integrated tripod mount on the case, which also doubles as an anti-drop lanyard mount (included). Continue reading “OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear”

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier
(credit: OZAKI)

it is the time again to give away free stuff on [email protected] this time round, we have an authentic OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier to give away. we love this accessory the moment we first set eyes on it and we want one lucky reader to have this for free – courtesy of this blog. honestly, powerless amplification or natural amplification, as we like to call it, for iPhone 4 is a dime a dozen in the market and you probably already own at least one. however, what makes this little device here stands out is probably its design. fashioned after the famous LEGO bricks, albeit being a little over size, this nifty gadget promised to deliver more than 15dB of power-free audio amplification and also doubles as a convenient stand for your iPhone 4 or 4S for use with FaceTime or watching video. Continue reading “OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway”

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

(image: ThinkGeek) Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick | US$29.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

if Anakin Skywalker were to have a candlelight dinner with some chicks from a galaxy, far, far away or Padme Amidala, he would probably use his lightsaber to give the dinner a more romantic ambience. we know the fact that lightsaber isn’t in our checklist, so this Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick holder should be suffice for us. this solid metal candlestick holder is a precise scaled down re-creation of Lord Vader’s blade casted in zinc-alloy and accented with chrome details. the only let down is the circular plate that might mar the otherwise authentic look but thankfully, it can be unscrewed and ready for battle with any Jedi who attempts to disrupt your sweet candlelight dinner with your beloved Padme. Continue reading “Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick”