eerily realistic humanoid wants to smile and blink at you

Geminoid DK main 544x368px
(image credit: IEEE Spectrum/Geminoid DK)

besides being the first Geminoid based on a non-Japanese person, the Geminoid DK, is also the first to sport facial hair. the robot was modeled after Associate Professor Hendrik Scharfe of Aalborg University of Denmark. great. even though we have not seen Assoc.Prof Scharfe before, now we know how he looks like! Prof. Scharfe revealed that they had been working on this latest Germinoid for a year now and the base Geminoid was built in Kokoro in Tokyo and is currently undergoing setup and testing in Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR). Continue reading eerily realistic humanoid wants to smile and blink at you

the CryEngine 3 lets you step into photo-realistic gaming

Crytek CryENGINE 3 main 544x311px
(image credit: CryTek)

ever stop and marvel at today’s graphic engine? i know, i do. sometimes i think the CGI has progressed leaps and bounds to the extend that it blurs the line between reality and computer generated graphics. well, CryTek, the firm behind the game Crysis franchise, is set to blur the line between reality and virtual world further with its newest gaming engine, CryEngine 3. there is no use in trying to decipher the technicality behind this new engine (we are no engineers) but to witness it in action in the video after the jump. simply breathtaking! check it out. Continue reading the CryEngine 3 lets you step into photo-realistic gaming

a desktop computer hacked to become an on-the-go-desktop

Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC 544x440px
(image credit: Milwaukee Makerspace)

there are computer users who are pro laptops and then there are those who are pro desktops. what if the pro desktop folks want to move around and wished they could take their PC along? well, one of the member (RBean) over at the Milwaukee Makerspace hacked a semi-portable computer case together as a “proof of concept”, thus making ‘carrying your PC around’ a reality. i must say the wooden case looks pretty awesome. the case is made out of 1/2-inch oak plywood and has an open top with space ample for storing a keyboard and a trackball mouse.

the lower portion of the wooden box is removable, which also houses the mainboard, hard drive and a full-size power supply. ventilation holes were also created to facilitate cooling with could otherwise be too hot for a wooden enclosure. we can see four nodes sticking out on the LCD side of the case which serves to protect the LCD in the event of toppling over. completing the PC is a shoulder strap for the user to lug this 40-lbs (about 18 kg) baby around. not exactly light weight but hey, it is portable right? check more images below.

images horizontal 544x38px

Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC (left) 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC (right) 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC - bottom section removed 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC - the computer 800x800px

Milwaukee Makerspace via Hack A Day

jukebox goes digital and all touchy with TouchTunes Virtuo

TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke 544x438px
(image credit: Frog Design)

everything is going digital in this ‘digital age’. even compact disc seems so yesterday in today’s context. case-in-point: the TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke is a digital jukebox designed by Frog Design for TouchTunes Interactive Networks. it is the jukebox of today and possibly, the future. the ambient backlight and the vibrant digital display of the Virtuo beckons user to interact with it. digitized format means a more compact footprint, more content and easier search of music that the user wants.

other features includes customizable interface to suit the venue such as inputting selection of the staff favorite songs and user-definable playlist that’s stored onboard or through their MyTouchTunes account. the latter features will certainly helps to assure returning customer to the bars or pubs and instill a sense of belonging in the venue. the Virtuo SmartJuke has a built-in camera that can captured moments when user or users are using it, turning it into a instant photo booth. though no details on whether users will be able to have a piece of the picture taken. check out some images of this beautiful jukebox below.

images horizontal 544x38px

TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - ambient light and vibrant display beckons it to be used 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - close-up 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - front view 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - user interface 640x500px

via Born Rich

FiiK electric skateboard has wireless control and ABS braking

Fiik Electric Skateboards main 544x328px
(image credit: FiiK) Fiik Electric Skateboard | from US$650.00 |

i wouldn’t say the Fiik electric skateboard is a technological marvel but it certainly removes the kicking out of skateboarding, physically and what’s more, it gives you the satisfaction of going off-road which are often off-limits to conventional skateboards. introducting the Fiik electric skateboard, a range of electric powered skateboards that lets you cruise the street, as well as maneuvering lawns and dirt ground, effortlessly. Continue reading FiiK electric skateboard has wireless control and ABS braking

three-wheeled EX trike is a backbreaking way to travel

The EX Electric Trike 544x368px
(image credit: Nils Ferber)

besides the usual mode of transport, there are hundred and one ways to transport yourself from one location to another. there are skateboards, skatescooters and then there is The EX. The EX is an experimental eccentric vehicle that requires the driver to be in a rather compromising position. similar to the StreetFlyer that we featured last month, the driver lies headlong on the three-wheeled vehicle, but unlike the StreetFlyer, it has powered motion by the way of a pair of 18-volt Bosch electric drills. absolutely weird. i know. do not underestimate the power of drills, as this baby is capable of making a top speed of 30 km/h. however, we wouldn’t expect a couple of battery-powered drill to have any impressive range. if you have used a battery-powered drill, you would know why. Continue reading three-wheeled EX trike is a backbreaking way to travel

official Paul Frank iPad and iPhone 4 cases

Paul Frank iPad and iPhone 4 cases 544x311px
(image credit: Paul Frank) Paul Frank iPad and iPhone 4 Cases | from US$tbc |

after much wait, fans of Paul Frank and his trusty little monkey, Julius can rejoice as Paul Frank has recently announced a collection of cases for iPhone 4 and iPad. adorning the neoprene Paul Frank iPad case are the many Julius, complete with a double zipper to keep your iPad safe. the iPad case should fit both iPad and iPad 2, in case you are prepping for your upcoming iPad 2. as for the Paul Frank iPhone 4 case, there are two types, the first is the capsule case which consists of two parts that slide together and the second, is the snap case. there are eight design in total for the iPhone 4 case. no words on the pricing at this point though. Continue reading official Paul Frank iPad and iPhone 4 cases

Colorware introduces custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 main 544x311p
(image credit: ColorWare) ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 | US$560.00 |

Pioneer HDJ-2000 – a pair of headphones destined for DJs and audiophiles alike. beyond the flashing bright lights of your DJ-ing career, how else could you stand out from the crowd of aspiring DJs? well, get yourself a customized color Pioneer HDJ-2000 from ColorWare, of course. the vibrant sound of the HDJ-2000 is best spoken with colors, and you can customize the different parts of the headphones to any palette that you fancy. of course, being uniquely different doesn’t come cheap and speaking of which, the ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 will set you back at a wallet breaking $560 or you can send in yours for the customization process for $260. damn, i wish the earmuff could be in any color except black. Continue reading Colorware introduces custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

incredible homemade pulse laser gun that actually works!

DIY Pulse Laser Gun main 544x388px
(image credit: Patrick Priebe)

laser is used for the refractive surgery procedure to rectify short-sightedness but the laser in this gun isn’t the Lasik that i had in mind. looking into this gun could literally make you go blind. i’m not kidding. created by Patrick Priebe, this is a real working pulse laser gun is capable of unleashing a 1-kilowatt pulse, which is enough to punch holes in plastic sheet and pop balloons up to a 3 meter range. constructed out of brass, aluminum for the casing and Plexi for the center-plate, it took Patrick approximately 70-hours of work to complete. the ultimate goal was to create a handheld pulse laser gun that was as compact as possible and so here it is, a 320mm long Pulse Laser Gun that weighs just 2 lbs. check out the video of the Pulse Laser Gun in action after the jump. why am i getting a feeling that the military will be knocking on Patrick’s door…

images horizontal 544x38px

DIY Pulse Laser Gun image1 640x400px DIY Pulse Laser Gun image2 640x400px DIY Pulse Laser Gun image3 640x400px

Hacked Gadgets via DVICE

wheelbench: when wheelbarrow meets bench seat

Weltevree Wheelbench main 544x388px
(image credit: Weltevree) Weltevree Wheelbench | €1,140.00 |

there are bound to have a situation where extra benches are required for the overwhelming turn out at a sporting event and inevitably, more benches have to be added. surely, you can’t leave the spectators sitting on the lawn, right? the weight of the benches would mean that at least two person are required to put them into position. the Wheelbench solves that wretch problem by giving it a wheelbarrow wheel and a pair of handle on the opposite end. the result is a quick deployment of the benches as and when you need it. simple solution for every bugging problem. life couldn’t be more sweeter.

this preserved Accoya wood mobile bench doesn’t come cheap, though. it will set you back at €1,140 (about US$1,583) and is available on Weltevree web store. it’s going to be hard to justify the initial outlay for these benches, but i guess it all comes down to whether you prefer to pay for labor to deploy the benches or getting the easy-to-move solution. regardless, we like the simplicity of the design.

Weltevree Wheelbench image1 580x400px

Weltevree Wheelbench image2 580x400px

via Inhabitat

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