use your iPhone to monitor, share your blood pressure

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(image credit: Withings) Withings Blood Pressure Monitor | US$tbc |

by now, you should be tired of hearing me exclaim “what else iPhone can’t do?” regardless, it is a fact and latest to join the “things that can be done using iPhone” is this gadget from Withings, called the Blood Pressure Monitor. yes, the “things that can be done using iPhone” has just reached into the health aspects. as usual, the Withings hardware works in tandem with the iPhone or iPad apps, which is free to download from iTunes store.

reading blood pressure is as simple as connecting the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor via its 30-pin connector to your iOS devices. being a “Made for iOS Device”, it will be recognized by the iOS device and the Withings app will be launched automatically. from there, all you have to do is fired up the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and the blood pressure will be taken. the readings are automatically saved on your iOS device and can be exported or shared.

i am not quite sure why would we want share our blood pressure data with anyone, except with our physicians. i guess these days we share everything or rather, sharing is everything today. hmmm.. what am i saying… in anyway, data can be uploaded to a secured private website, protected by password. the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor uses oscillometric type of measurement to take your blood pressure, which is a noninvasive method which is perfectly safe for self-use.

the device is powered independently by four AA batteries, therefore the device won’t suck off the precious juice of your iOS device. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor was announced and showcased in the recent CES 2011, but no details on the pricing yet but be patience, it is set to be available end of this month.

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Knife Locker not only locks but sterilizes your knives too

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(image credit: Min Seong Kim)

up to today, stowing away your kitchen knives is nothing short of mundane. they are either stuff into some wooden block or stick on a strip of metal/wood with magnets. whichever way, it encourages bacteria to hop on for the next ride to the next steak or meat. the Knife Locker, designed by Min Seong Kim, is not those locker that you find in the bathhouse but it literally locks your knives with just a turn. the knife itself is the key, so there’s really no key to lose.

all you have to do is to insert the knife into the slot and turn it 270-degree counterclockwise and walah! your knife is locked and at same time, the UV sterilization built-in will kicks in, indicated by the lit blue LED ring of light, and sterilizes your knife. blue lights again? i might just mistaken it for another Tron-inspired gadget, but really it is not.

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via Yanko Design

new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

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(image credit: Monster Cable) Miles Davis Trumpet earphones | US$349.00 |

in the recent CES 2011, Monster Cable unveiled the new jazz-inspired Miles Davis Trumpet in-ear headphones. the design of the buds drew inspiration from Mile’s very own trumpet which features a striking gold/brass finishes. there’s even a Miles Davis silhouette and etched signature on its cord.

this new pair of audiophile buds should appeal to any Jazz-audiophile as it will come specially packaged with Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a specially remixed, remastered version in Monster high Definition Stereo and High Definition Surround Sound. Continue reading new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

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(image credit: Beverley Neilsen/Chang Sung-Ching)

what do legendary motorcycle brand has to do with sound? no, we are not talking about the magnificent growl of the 865cc engine or the throaty exhaust note from Triumph motorcycles but a pair of speakers complete with a digital dock for iPhone/iPod, dubbed the Omni-Bang. the speakers, designed by Chang Sung-Ching, was part of the collaboration between MA Product Design, BIAD, and Triumph Motorcycles to create a series of prototype lifestyle accessories for Triumph Motorcycles. Continue reading Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

replica James Bond Golden Gun goes under hammer

James Bond Golden Gun replica 544px
(image credit: Hansons Acutioneers)

remember the golden gun that was assembled from a cigarette case, lighter, cufflink and a pen in the James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun (MGM, 1974)? here’s a golden opportunity for James Bond fans to lay your their hands on a replica item when it goes under the hammer on January 20, 2011. to be auctioned by Hansons Auctioneers, the golden gun replica is expected to fetch between £1,000 and £1,500. this solid gold plated replica pistol comes complete with a gold bullet with ‘007’ written on it and can be assembled just like the original one featured in the movie.

i am impressed by the solid gold plating but not the gun. while the idea of assembling a pistol out of everyday item could be a novel idea back in the 70s, i still think the gun looks a bit off. so this item is strictly for die-hard James Bond fans. perhaps, we could take it apart and use the different item separately? if the individual items are indeed functional… but i guess the cufflink should at least works.

via BornRich

a luxury superyacht that resembles the Streets of Monaco

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(image credit: Yacht Island Design Ltd)

the world have seen many amazing concept yacht but nothing like this 155-meter “The Streets of Monaco” luxury superyacht that has a fully functional Go-Kart circuit. the boat, designed in resemblance of a section of the principality of Monaco, most notable for its Formula One city race track and the Monaco Yacht Show, looks almost like part of Monaco has been torn off and floated out into the open sea. the Streets of Monaco was designed by Yacht Island Design in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee. Continue reading a luxury superyacht that resembles the Streets of Monaco

pristine 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger to go under hammer (update)

1964 Dodge Charger Concept - angled front view 544px
(image credit: Top Things Stuff)

those who live in the North America would fondly remember the days of muscle cars. for those who wish to relive those muscle car days, don’t just settle for any other muscle car. you will have your chance to lay your hands on the first Dodge to use the Charger nameplate. it is the 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger concept car, faithfully restored by multi-award winner Fran Rozas, complete with the ‘426’ badges to signify what lies beneath the hood. Continue reading pristine 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger to go under hammer (update)

Eton’s new solar-powered sound dock for iPod and iPhone

Eton Soulra XL 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON Soulra XL | US$tbc |

if you are a tree-hugging gadget geek, the new Soulra XL from Eton should appeal to you. moving away from the rugged, radiator-like designed of the former Soulra, the new Soulra XL has a triangular side profile with a flip-up monocrystal solar panel to harness the power from the sun to power this portable iPod/iPhone speaker, and it also charges your iPod/iPhone when docked. the Soulra XL has an integrated carrying strap to let you lug this eco-friendly speaker around. no words on the pricing yet but i am guessing everything will come to light after the CES 2011. Continue reading Eton’s new solar-powered sound dock for iPod and iPhone

breaking down the water to power your portable devices

Horizon MiniPak img1 544px
Horizon MiniPak Handheld Fuel Cell Charger | US$99.00 |

hydrogen fuel cells and biofuel seems belittled by pure electric powered stored in lithium-ion batteries. over the years, we have heard less of the the two former technologies. however, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is set to bring back this technology, this time to the palm of your hands and it even has a desktop, home refueling system called “HydroFILL” to complement the portable pack, dubbed the MiniPak.

soon to release, the MiniPak integrates a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a metal hydride storage unit, where hydrogen is stored. power is delivered via its micro-USB port with different cable options and the portable charger itself, comes with a handy LED flashlight built-in. inside the MiniPak are the solid-state HydroSTIK batteries, a battery similar to the current alkaline battery in form factor, which can be purchase when more are required.

another option is to recharge the HydroSTIK yourself, right at your home. this is made possible with the home refueling system, HydroFILL which is touted as the world’s 1st personal hydrogen station. the science of breaking water into its H and O happens within this HydroFILL, all you need is to stick the HydroSTIK in the HydroFILL, add water and plug in to the electrical wall outlet. beside wall outlet, this charging station can also accept power supplied from solar panels, or power generated by wind turbines. HydroFILL is capable of topping up one HydroSTIK per hour.

Hydrogen tends to scare people off with its usual high pressure storage but the consumer-grade HydroSTIK turns the usual high pressure gas into solid-state form, stored in the metal hydride alloys and discharges them at low pressure. each HydroSTIK can store 11 Wh of energy which is equivalent to 10 disposal AA batteries (at 1W of continuous power consumption). the MiniPak retails at $99 while the HydroFILL will set you back at $500.

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Horizon MiniPak with HydroSTIK 544px

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Horizon HydroFILL with HydroSTIK 544px


your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Smart Baby Monitor | US$tbc |

another gadget that adds to the host of things iPhone can do. in fact, not just for iPhone, it will work just fine with iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, LCD TV – basically just about anything that has a screen and of course, with WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity. one of the two new products from Withings, is the Smart Baby Monitor, which (obviously) is video camera that lets your monitor your baby anywhere in the world. Continue reading your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

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