Targus WiFi Laser Mouse connects direct to computer’s WiFi

Targus WIFI Laser Mouse 544x468px
(credit: Targus) Targus WiFi Laser Mouse | US$49.99 | www.targus.com

just when we are getting accustomed to Bluetooth mouse, in comes the WiFi mouse. Targus has teamed up with Ozmo Devices to introduce the WiFi PAN (Personal Area Network) equipped mouse that is slated to hit the stores this month. using the Ozmo Devices’ OZMO2000 chip, the Targus WiFi Laser Mouse (AMW58US) connects directly to your computer’s WiFi connection, instead of the current popular connection avenues such as 2.4 GHz radio technology or Bluetooth connectivity. though, it will only work with laptops that has WiFi connection but then again, modern day laptops and computers mostly will have WiFi connection built-in. other features of this WiFi mouse include laser sensor, four-way scroll wheel and compatibility with Windows 7 task switching at a touch of a button. it comes packaged with two high-quality Energizer batteries that is said to offer up to 9 months of battery life. the Targus WiFi Laser Mouse has a MSRP of $49.99 each. Continue reading “Targus WiFi Laser Mouse connects direct to computer’s WiFi”

finally. Sphero, the remote control ball is up for pre-order

Sphero 544x368px
(credit: Orbotix) Orbotix Sphero | US$129.99 | www.gosphero.com

remember that cute little Bluetooth-controlled ball Sphero? it is finally here. well, almost. it is up for pre-order over at Sphero website for $129.99. not exactly cheap as far as toys are concerned but it is, after all, an innovation and the fact that it has an Open API means more games will be developed to work with this little ball of fun. for the uninitiated, the Sphero is just a ball about the size of a baseball that can be controlled by Android or IOS devices via the trusty Bluetooth connection. all you have to do is to pair it up with your Android or iOS device and you are good to go. Continue reading “finally. Sphero, the remote control ball is up for pre-order”

Gray Design’s Sovereign, a Royalty superyacht

Sovereign Superyacht 900x500px
(credit: Gray Design) Gray Design’s Sovereign Superyacht | US$PoA | graydesign.se

after a short hiatus, Gray Design has returned with yet another masterpiece: the Sovereign, a 100-meter (328-feet) superyacht that befits the likes of kings, queens and monarchs. Gray’s design was never conventional, which is what makes it so special and the Sovereign is without exception. its sleek, low profile design is clearly automotive inspired and unlike the superyacht out there, Gray maintains the design to just three decks that stretch over the entire length of the yacht, thus bestowing the Sovereign with a stately, and yet athletic stance. visible from the outside are everyone’s favorite relaxation amenity, the jacuzzi, that lets user enjoy the warm sunshine and cool breeze or if preferred, the overhead retractable cover can be deployed to keep the jacuzzi pool area nice and cool. Continue reading “Gray Design’s Sovereign, a Royalty superyacht”

Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Taito InvaderCade 544x588px
(credit: Taito) Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad | ¥15,800.00 | www.taito.com

if you find that ThinkGeek’s iCade arcade cabinet for iPad is not authentic enough, then how about one from the veteran of arcade gaming, Taito, who’s best known for the arcade game Space Invaders? aptly dubbed as the InvaderCade, this official Taito product sports a single button and the familiar ball-top joystick for controls as opposed to iCade’s two buttons, which is geared towards Atari game. speaking of which, Atari also did announced something of sort but it’s more of a joystick dock than anything else. the InvaderCade is equipment with built-in speakers for some audio amplification and a headphone audio jack for those more personal gaming moments. when not used for gaming, the cabinet also doubles as a stand and charges your iPad when it is docked. Continue reading “Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad”

SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

SwitchEasy SafeKeys 544x311px
(credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro | US$24.99 | www.switcheasy.com

we all love our shiny silver fruity gadgets but sometimes, it helps if we could spice things up a little with a color or two – just to break the monotony. instead of splurging hundreds to get your MacBook Air or Pro colored, why not just introduce a color to your laptop’s keyboard with SwitchEasy SafeKeys? it is totally painless and installs (and removes) in a second. SafeKeys is basically a keyboard protector made from tear-resistant silicone material, coated on the top-side for a soft touch feel and the underside given a polished treatment for an grime-free environment for the keys. like any good keyboard protector, it keeps dirt and fluids out from your otherwise venerable keyboard and at the same, gives user a quieter typing sound. in short, it looks as good as it functions. the SwitchEasy SafeKeys comes in five hues: Black, Blue, Crystal, Lime and Pink, and are available now in limited quantity for Macbook Pro, MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch, for $24.99 a pop. Continue reading “SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro”

Oshkosh Defense’s answer to the aging military Humvees

Oshkosh Defense L-ATV 544x388px
(credit: Oshkosh Defense)

the name is L-ATV, Oshkosh Defense’s answer to the aging military Humvees that have been in service since 1984. this new vehicle is billed as “the future of light combat vehicles” and it has every reasons to make that claim. this L-ATV has both brain and brawn, so to speak. armored Humvees are great but not the perfect machine in situation like IED attack where its lightly armored under body would likely be torn to shred. the L-ATV builds on what Humvees can do but boasting a much safer environment to its occupants and operators through easy add-on and scalable armor packages. yet, it is able to do all these without sacrificing maneuverability, thanks to its Oshkosh TAK-4i independent suspension system and incredible 20-inches of independent wheel travel that allows the vehicle to transverse easily through rugged terrain and compressed urban areas. Continue reading “Oshkosh Defense’s answer to the aging military Humvees”

How to build your own life-size Portal Turret replica

Portal Turret Life-size Replica by Kronos Props 544x360px
(credit: Kronos Props)

so you adore everything Portal? besides creating your own Portal Gun, how about adding a Portal Turret to your collection of DIY replicas? yes, the deadly turret in the game can be yours if you closely follow the lengthy process as shared by one CitizenSnips aka Ryan Palser, an animator in the gaming industry by day and a hobby prop builder by night. Ryan’s creation is not just all looks, it can actually safe guard your room. while it can’t spray bruising pellets or blast out eye-blinding lasers on your intruder, at least its build-in motion sensor with a bunch of electronic circuitry (in which, Arduino is also used) will trigger the Portal Turret to ‘talk’, thus alerting you of anyone trying to sneak up on you while you are intently playing your Portal game. Continue reading “How to build your own life-size Portal Turret replica”

Sony out new XBA balanced armature in-ear headphones

Sony new XBA balanced armature headphones 900x515px
(credit: Sony) Sony XBA balanced armature in-ear headphones | from TWD3,000.00 | www.sony.com

we shall not argue if it is a little too overwhelming for Sony to be announcing seven balanced armature in-ear headphones at one go. whatever it is, the announcement means more choices for consumers and what makes it even better is these buds has a price range that covers a broad spectrum of consumer budgets. the range include the entry-level XBA-1 with a single full-range driver, the XBA-2 offers better sounding bass with the incorporation of a woofer, the XBA-3 has what the -2 has but with an additional tweeter, and last but not least, the XBA-4 ranks at the top with four drivers packed into it, including a super woofer. for smartphone users, there are also versions with inline remote and mic as denoted by ‘ip’ suffix in their model number. visually, the XBA-1 to 4 headphones sport little orange dots marked on them, indicating how many drivers are packed into them. Continue reading “Sony out new XBA balanced armature in-ear headphones”

LilyPad iPad Case – it’s a Swiss knife of iPad Case

LilyPad 544x360px
(credit: David Foster) LilyPad Solar Powered iPad Case | US$165.00 | www.LilyPadCase.com

protective cases for ipad, portable chargers and solar powered portable chargers aren’t new but one that integrates a solar panel into a protective case that charges both your iPad and other USB powered devices simultaneously is something that make me sit up and take notice. sounds too good to be true but it is happening. spotted on the Kickstarter is this gadget accessory called LilyPad that uses solar ink technology to offer extra juice to your iPad and to other USB powered devices via a built-in USB port. and that’s not all, the case itself also feature a HDMI port allowing your iPad to hook up to any HDMI-equipped big screen for watching movies or any other stuff that would required a big screen to do. the built-in battery stores the charges as provided by the thin-film solar panel, and it is good for average of 12.5 days use before it needs to be recharge through the old school way. Continue reading “LilyPad iPad Case – it’s a Swiss knife of iPad Case”

Sealander is an amphibious camping trailer

Sealander 900x600px
(credit: Sealander) Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer | €15,000.00 | www.sealander.de

here’s a clever invention that solves your dilemma of whether to tow a camper or a boat on your next lakeside camping trip. dubbed the Sealander, it is a camper and a boat rolled into one. i think the camper part pretty much speaks for themselves, and as a boat, it is equipped with a low-emission electric outboard motor that allows you to push through the water. its wide bowl shape offers stability on water, while a shallow draft allows it to navigate through shallow waters. whether you decide to be on solid ground or on the water, the Sealander is fairly well equipped despite its relatively small package. Continue reading “Sealander is an amphibious camping trailer”