thoughts: iPhone vs. the world

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why iPhone vs. the world you may ask. the reason being, the smartphone segment can’t help but to compare themselves to an iPhone whenever a smartphone is being launched. never mind the fact that iPhone could be already been a year in the market (e.g. 3G & 3GS), they will still be making the comparison anyway – both critics and manufacturers alike. to the smartphone market, iPhone seems to be the benchmark. i know you critics would fervently deny this, but let’s face it – this is the fact. let’s talked about the anti-iPhone sentiment first. so why the hatred, so to speak, about Apple’s smartphone? ok, maybe ‘hatred’ is a bit of a strong word to use, but it certainly sounded that way. in fact, it is not just about iPhone, it is everything about Apple that some dislikes or even hate. maybe it is the green eye monster that is doing it’s bidding in them?

i read an article a couple weeks ago in a local technology news, entitled “Bad apples – but some will still bite them.” the author wrote about Apple’s ‘flawed’ (‘flawed’ as in his perspective) products, namely iPad and of course, the iPhone 4. i will touch on what was it about iPad that he didn’t fancy but first, on with the iPhone 4. every products almost certainly will have its flaws, let alone a smartphone. ever since the launch of iPhone 4, they has been reports of ‘defect’ with the phone, such as the blue tint effect, flawed retina display and most notably, the antenna issue. so it was not a surprise to note that the author brought the iPhone 4 antenna issue up. quoted from the article “There is no problem, as some iPhone fans have told me. Just buy a case, problem solved.” and he went on with “such forgiving rational and practical minds of Singaporean consumers which I have grown accustomed to.”

majority of users will have a case on their iPhone, which explains the huge variety for iPhone cases ever since iPhone 3G. never in history have we seen such a huge variety (brands and designs, materials included) of cases (& accessories) for a single product. before the days of iPhone, users hardly don up their mobile or smartphone with anything but the factory provided case. or maybe some cheap dust-magnet silicon skins. so am i an Apple fanboy trying to justify a flawed product? i hardly think so. i was well aware of the antenna issue. i weighed the (probable) issue(s) with other factors. factors (or specs) such as faster processor, high resolution IPS display et cetera and made an informed decision. i am a big fan of beautifully designed stuff, but the decision to move from 3GS to iPhone 4 is not solely on design, because i knew that i would probably have a case over the iPhone anyway. and mind you, it was not the case of ‘just get a case’.

back to the article that i talked about earlier. the author wrote about 3G version of the iPad being, in his own word “gimped”. as you would have guessed they were about (1) low-res YouTube clips on 3G but high-res clips on WIFI; (2) 3G can’t download apps larger than 20MB. i was baffled on why these were even brought up. first of all, consumers were given choices: 3G+WIFI or just WIFI enabled iPad. it was a decision made with understanding of probable limitations of wireless connectivity. secondly, 3G gives freedom to connectivity and the 20MB restriction is only a rule applied to ‘apps’. in the event you’re in need of connectivity, and there’s no WIFI, 3G connection is your only savior, even if gives you low-res. last check, email and websites doesn’t come in high-res. thirdly, both ‘issues’ 1 & 2 is to safe-guard users and to some extent, probably Apple themselves. without the restriction, some users may run the risk of overusing their data plan, which potentially could be hundreds of dollars in extra charges. remember that not all users are on unlimited plans. seriously, i never thought the above-mentioned 2 points were an issue. do you?

ok, maybe it’s more than just iPhone vs. the world – it’s probably Apple vs. the world. if a product hits the community beyond the current Apple’s domain (i.e. Mac users) and ‘intrudes’ into the ‘mass’ domain (i.e. more consumers) than it is sure get of attention and probably wakes up some green eye monsters in the process.

Poddities put hand strap back to your iPhone

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before iPhone, we called our trusty mobile communication device, smartphone and mobile phone (or cell phone, depending where you are from). before iPhone, it is a norm to have a strap looped to our smartphone or mobile phone through the provided tiny little hole. i had one these ‘hand strap’ on almost all my previous mobile phone, including my last ever windows phone, the samsung i780. ever since iPhone, hand straps (or decorative straps in some cases) has been missed, although not sorely missed. well, fret not. a Japanese company has a solution for it – a bracket screwed to the base of your iPhone 4 and it’s available for both 3G & 3GS as well. when every company is rushing to design & manufacture cases/covers for iPhone 4, these guys at Poddities chose a different path and came up with a contraption to enable you to relive your hand strap days with your iPhone.

there are 4 models to choose from, including one that adds a card holder cum screen cover for your iPhone (called OSAIFON). basically they are quite similar, except for the ‘hand-strap’ attachment. you have the loop strap, carabiner strap and NETSUKE which doesn’t have any strap but just the plain bracket for you loop anything you fancy. the process of making your iPhone 4 into a ‘hand-strap friendly’ mobile phone is fairly simple (but risk voiding the warranty). just simply replace the 2 stock screws at the bottom of the phone with the one that came with the bracket and you are done. so is it safe? let me put it this way: if you have a hand strap looped to the bracket and use the hand strap as an added security while using the phone to prevent accidental drops, i think that’s cool. i certainly don’t recommend putting pressure test on it, such as pulling with force or even swinging. those 2 screws are tiny, and tiny screws has thin threads and these means that they may not take the extra pulling force. in my opinion, prolong exposure to pulling pressure, the screw may just give way or worst, wears out the internal thread of the phone. that’s the next worst thing, after broken screws. nevertheless, it’s quite a nifty idea. who knows, i might just get myself one, for the sake of reliving my hand-strap-on-mobile days. the price of the hand-strap attachment ranges from 1800¥ (approx. USD22) to 4800¥ (approx. USD58).

visit Poddities website.

LaCie 324i LCD professional grade monitor

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when it comes to LCD display, consumers are spoilt for choice. here’s another one (professional-grade) display for you to consider. spotting a 24″, 10-bit P-IPS (professional In-Plane switching) LCD panel which is capable of dispersing 1.07 billion colors, color accuracy of 102% NTSC and 98% AdobeRGB, anti-glare panel with 178DEG viewing angle and 1000:1 contrast ratio. display specs aside, the monitor comes with a multi-functional stand which enables it to tilt, turn, adjust the display’s height, turn it into portrait mode and did i mention that it has a cable manager as well? Continue reading “LaCie 324i LCD professional grade monitor”

ultra-lightweight Lamborghini sesto elemento concept (photos)

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the Italian super car maker unveiled it’s concept lightweight super car in the 2010 Paris motor show, weighting in at just 997.9kg (overall curb weight) – all thanks to the advance carbon-fiber technology. while other super car maker are pursuing the hybrid technology, Lamborghini chose the path of exploring efficiency through lighter weight and lower emissions. known as the sesto elemento Lamborghini, this Lamborghini will be powered by 570hp V-10 power plant and has a claimed acceleration from 0-62mph in just 2.5sec. this proves that you can be a heavy weight car maker without being actually being a heavy weight. Continue reading “ultra-lightweight Lamborghini sesto elemento concept (photos)”

how to pair Playstation bluetooth headset with iPhone

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in case you have forgotten or not sure how to pair your Official Sony Playstation bluetooth headset with your iPhone (3G & above), here’s a little guide for it. the Playstation bluetooth headset is quite versatile, it can be used for online gaming communication, skype and of course, as a headset for your mobile phone. in this case, i’m going to pair it with the iPhone 4. it works the same for 3G & 3GS.

1. first go to your iPhone bluetooth setting page (setting > general > bluetooth) turn the bluetooth to ‘ON’ – once the bluetooth is ‘ON’, iPhone will start searching for discoverable bluetooth devices
2. now, over to the headset. assuming your headset is fully charged and ‘OFF’ – hold on to the ‘POWER’ button and the ‘MIC/MUTE’ button together for about 5 secs. the ‘ring’ around the ‘MIC/MUTE’ button will turn red, signifying that the headset is now in discoverable mode and at the same time, the iPhone bluetooth page now shows ‘Wireless Headset’ being detected but ‘Not Paired’
3. select the ‘Wireless Headset’ and key in ‘0000’ when prompted to enter the PIN.
there you have it, the ‘Wireless Headset’ is now shown as ‘Connected’

if for some reason, you want to remove the bluetooth headset from your iPhone list, just tap on the blue circle with the arrow (‘>’) next to ‘Wireless Headset’ in the bluetooth page. tap on to ‘Forget this Device’. confirm by tapping on the red button that says ‘Forget Device’ and you’re done ๐Ÿ™‚

for benefit of those who are really new, below is the pictorial guide:

How to pair Playstation BT headset with iPhone Step#1 544px
How to pair Playstation BT headset with iPhone Step#2 544px
How to pair Playstation BT headset with iPhone Step#3 544px

simple tips: how to use your PS3 controller with your Mac

i was looking for a decent game pad to play some Mac games. to be exact, i wanted to play the action/puzzle game LEGO Indiana Jones. my requirements was simple, it must be functional and it must be stylish. before i could find my ideal game pad, i stumbled upon something interesting that ended my search for a game pad: using your PS3 dualshock sixaxis controller on your Mac. i am currently on Snow Leopard, and all i have to do to get my PS3 controller to work with my Mac is to install the PS3 USB driver and i am good to go. i have yet to try with other games but it does works with LEGO Indiana Jones. ain’t it cool? ๐Ÿ˜‰ my iMac also detects the PS3 controller as a bluetooth device, so i can either use the controller via the USB cable or via bluetooth connection. Continue reading “simple tips: how to use your PS3 controller with your Mac”

simple tips: Safari 5 fails to open GMAIL login page?

i can’t access GMAIL the whole of yesterday. i was using Safari 5.0.2, it just stop working yesterday. i was stumped. i tried accessing GMAIL by both taking off my bookmark and entering the URL (i.e. directly into the URL bar a.k.a the address bar of my Safari, but nothing works. i tried googling for a solution but my search came up empty. the problem was Safari detected multiple redirection by the website that i was trying to access, and stop loading the website. at least that was the notice that Safari gave me. i am not sure why this occurs. if you have the same problem as me, there are 2 ways which you can go about searching for a solution (other than googling): you can either head down to the Apple Support forums and wait for some helpful soul to answer your question (or any Mac forums) or try figuring it yourself by the manner of trial & error. i did the latter.

if you are having the redirecting issue on Safari, the solution is simple: RESET your safari. so how do you reset Safari? just click on Safari menu bar, scroll down to ‘Reset Safari…’. under the ‘Reset Safari…’ you have a bunch of check boxes for options such as empty cache, clear history, remove all cookies et cetera. check the box corresponding to the ‘clear history’, ’empty cache’ and ‘remove all cookies’. depending on you priorities, you can check other boxes as well. for me, i unchecked stuff like ‘reset top sites’, ‘remove all website preview images’ et cetera and made sure that i checked ‘clear saved names and passwords’. this is a good time to clear those, especially if you are sharing your PC/Mac. once you are satisfied with your selections, just hit the ‘Reset’ button and you are done. you should now be able to access GMAIL ๐Ÿ™‚

How to resolve 'Safari 5 fails to access GMAIL' step#1
Go to 'Reset Safari'
How to resolve 'Safari 5 fails to access GMAIL' step#2
check the check boxes as stated in my writings above. hit 'reset' and you're done.

review: Simplism silicon iphone 4 case

a design-in-Japan iPhone 4 case. this is a silicon case which has anti-dust coating, which is necessary because typical silicon cases tend to be a dust magnet. the package comes with the silicon case, screen protector (with leveler), microfiber cleaning cloth and a dock cover. the dock cover lets you cover the dock of your iPhone to keep out the dust – a rather nice touch. there’s a little loop with the dock cover which allows user to loop through a twin hole at the back of the silicon case. in this way, you wouldn’t loose your tiny dock cover. how thoughtful ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “review: Simplism silicon iphone 4 case”

Japanese green tech converts plastic to oil

Blest Corporation - Converting used plastics back to oil 544px(photo source: OurWorld 2.0)

this isn’t exactly the newest news but it is definitely worth mentioning again, this time by yours truly ๐Ÿ™‚ Blest Corporation in Japan came up with the technology to convert your every day plastic waste back into useable oil. this oil can further be refined into petrol, diesel and kerosene. well, some may think this may not be a solution to the world’s problem but it is definitely a good start and it is definitely going to make a difference – in term of world’s waste problem and resource awareness. the world needs to be educated. check out the video ๐Ÿ™‚

read more @ OurWorld 2.0 | United Nations University.

you can make yourself a LEGO motorized iPad stand

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if you are a LEGO fan and an iPad user or a ‘LEGPLE’ fan (aka LEGO + APPLE fan), then you will be just about as excited as me about this custom LEGO motorized iPad stand. how cool is that? and it uses a stepless motor meaning it can be at any position you want. want one? it’s not for sale but if you are adventurous enough, you can build one yourself using parts from the ‘8052 LEGO container truck’ set, else you have to wait for the instruction to be made available. needless to say, i chose the latter.

visit for more information.