Since we are the topic of Pokémon, we thought you may like know a couple of new developments. The first is Pokémon Pikachu Talk Skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Home where you can “converse ‘live’” with Pikachu. Instead of the usual Alexa or Google Home voice, whatever you ask or commands your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device will be reciprocated with Pikachu classic lines like “Pika?”, “Pika, Pika!”, and “Pikaaaa.” I guess you could say Pikachu Talk Skill for Alexa and Google Home is the closest experience you will get to having an actual Pokémon creature.

Pikachu Talk Skill

“With the Pikachu Talk skill for Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, you can now experience the joy of chatting with the famous Pokémon. You can talk to Pikachu about anything, and you’re sure to hear all sorts of wonderful and charming responses.”

Interestingly, you can even as the furry yellow creature to “use Thunderbolt,” and if it is in the mood, it may just demonstrate its electrifying move. Basically, you can have fun with Pikachu is what this skill has to offer. It is kind of a novelty thing. On a related news, Pokémon has unveiled a new line of Pokémon plush called Sitting Cuties collection that comprises of all 151 Pokémon monsters as discovered in the Kanto region.

Pokemon Sitting Cuties Plushies

Now, fans know exact what this means. This means you will be able to bring home favorite Pokémon monsters like Bulbasaur, Mew, plus some that never been plush Pokémon creatures. Each plus features a weighted bottoms, so it can sit firmly without tipping over.

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The first wave of Sitting Cuties plush includes 30 Pokémon and they are available now at the Pokémon Center, priced at $10.99 a pop.

All images courtesy of The Pokemon Company.

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