Redmagic has added a “plus” model to its new Redmagic 8 Pro gaming smartphone, and along with it, there is this edition that caught our eyes: the Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition. That’s right. It is yet another collab with Hasbro’s Transformers franchise following Bumblebee-themed 7s Pro and the Red Magic 7 Pro Optimus Prime and Red Magic 7 Decepticon Edition.

Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition Smartphone

There is not a lot that differentiates between the plus and nonplus models. They are virtually identical with a few exceptions. The new Plus model supports a mind-bending 165 W magic flash charging and is supplied with a 165 W GaN power brick. Strangely, though, it has a 1,000 less mAh, at 5,000 mAh dual-cell battery.

Another key difference is the configuration. The new Pro+’s Matte is offered in 12+256 and 16+512 while the Void comes in a choice of 12+256, 16+512, and 16+1 TB configurations.

Now that we have gotten the specs out of the way, we can touch on the star feature: the Transformers aesthetics. The black is ditched in favor of a silver aesthetic with an entire back cover dedicated to Optimus Prime colors, i.e. red and blue.

Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition Smartphone

The red and blue back cover also rocks the Autobots logo, along with the Transformers branding, as well as the flame motif live-action Optimus Prime is synonymous with. The device also gets a unique Transformers UI that has a Cybetronian flair.

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The Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition Smartphone is presented in a special silver Autobot-themed packaging in which you will find a magnetic Autobot protective case, a Transformers SIM ejector pin featuring Autobot on one side, and a Decepticon logo on the flip side, a Transformers/Autobot cobranded magnetic external cooling fan, and a 165 W GaN power brick decorated in silver and Autobot logos.

The Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition Smartphone is available to buy in China for 6,499 yuan [CH], which is around US$937 based on the current going rate.

Redmagic 8 Pro+ Optimus Prime Edition Smartphone

Images: nubia [CH].

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