Don’t we just love telling you about stuff you cannot buy? Well, we love it so much and so here’s another: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition. You can’t buy it because not only it is a South Korean market exclusive but the opportunity to get one of them is long gone. More importantly, is, I am pretty sure the 1,000 units offered were all spoken for.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition Smartphone

Anyhoo, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition was priced at 1,727,000.00 Won (about US$1,310) and it was sold through SK Telecom. The limited edition package, which is inspired by the legendary BMW M3 E30, includes an S23 Ultra handset with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM and a phone case featuring the marque’s iconic kidney grille, M-branding, and BMW logo.

The package also includes a bunch of other BMW-themed merchandise, including six BMW emblems that showcase the various eras of the M brand, an M-themed analog tabletop clock, a sunglass holder, a poster, a BMW M photo book, a BMW keychain, a “WE ARE ///M” car emblem and a branded air compressor (???).

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition Smartphone
The front end of the E30 has two levels.

Like the previous smartphone collaboration we featured earlier, the highlight ought to be the box which is a case in the likeness of the front end of the BMW M3 E30. You can pop the “hood” to see the engine of the “car” (which is just a printed graphic really). Very cool stuff.

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The handset features a BMW M-inspired boot animation and a BMW M-themed UI. The packaging alone should well worth the money for any petrolhead.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition Smartphone

Images: SK Telecom/Samsung [KR].

via Sammobile.

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