If you find the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 lacks of fashion sense is disturbing, then you odd to take a look at the Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition marries sartorial style and high-tech gadget by putting the designer brand’s right on the phone cover. In case you feel unsafe not having it covered with a protective case, this collaboration also includes additional accessories that would have you, or rather the phone, covered.

Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The special edition Galaxy Z Fold5 combines Samsung’s cutting-edge foldable technology with Thom Browne’s iconic design elements. The device boasts a sleek black pebble leather exterior with Thom Browne’s signature red, white, and blue stripes, fabric texture on the back glass, a black frame, and gold hinge, as well as gold accents around the camera lenses. It also includes two leather pouch cases and a special edition S Pen.

The collaboration goes beyond the product, as the packaging resembles a Thom Browne briefcase, enhancing the unboxing experience and serving as a keepsake.

Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Additionally, the Thom Browne Edition Galaxy Watch6 embodies timeless style with its gold-tone body, Thom Browne logo, and red, white, and blue colors on the buckle. It comes with two leather straps and matching accessories, showcasing Thom Browne’s influence throughout.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Watch6 Thom Browne Edition are available in limited numbers in select markets including Korea from Samsung.com.

Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Images: Samsung.

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