Saturn V Lamp and Rocket Planter by SimonRob

Attention, space nerds! Here are some projects that could DIY to spruce up your space cave. What you see here are three DIY projects by Instructables member SimonRob. SimonRob has created a Rocket Planter, Saturn V Lamp, and the geekiest of geeky creation, the Electronic Space Shuttle.

While you won’t be able to buy these items off the shelves, you can make them yourself if you are willing and have the knack for tinkering. SimonRob has generously provided the instructions on Instructables for you to do so.

Rocket Planter by SimonRob

The Rocket Planter is basically a 3D printed model of the lower section of the first stage of Saturn V rocket, finished with details of the “flames” leaving the five exhaust nozzles.

The highlight here is without doubt the light up feature. And it is not just any regular old light up. It flickers too, to simulate the actual flames spewing out of the nozzles. The light can remain still, a toggle switch will trigger the subtle flickering effect which is super.

Rocket Planter by SimonRob

Obviously, before you can reach the cool part of this project, there is much to do. It won’t be a walk in the park for sure, but the end result will be rewarding. Rocket Planter is an awesome idea as it not only make your indoor plant (or some unknown alien plants) look super cool, but it also double as a lamp to light up the night.

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The Rocket Planter is the latest project by SimonRob. 2 years ago, the man also shared how to create an equally awesome lamp, a Saturn V Lamp, to be exact.

Saturn V Lamp by SimonRob
Saturn V Lamp by SimonRob

The Saturn V Lamp has detailed exhaust flames that lights up and holy smoke! It looks absolutely stunning. I’d say it is must have for any space nerd. That’s, of course, provided you have the knack for making things.

Last but not the least is the Electronic Space Shuttle. As the name implies, it is a model of another icon of space exploration, the space shuttle, cobbled together with electronic components. The result is museum worthy, IMHO. All these three pieces will definitely make your space cave an even geekier space.

Images: Instructables (SimonRob).

Hat tip: Technabob.