Sony Airpeak Imaging Drone CES 2021

Sony could be setting a new tradition for CES. Last year, the company shook up the event with a surprised unveiling of an electric vehicle, Sony VISION-S. At this year’s virtual CES, it has yet another surprise.

Sony Airpeak Imaging Drone CES 2021

It has revealed that it is not only getting into the business of imaging drone with a drone called Airpeak, but it is ready to launch a new business targeted for professional photography and video production in Spring 2021.

Unless you are keeping a close eye on Sony’s development, you probably did not see this coming. Somehow, this puts a smile on my face? Why? I don’t know. I can’t even buy it even if I had the money and wanted to buy one. Perhaps, we will see a consumer-grade Sony imaging drone in future?

Anywho… the imaging drone, a quadcopter featuring Sony’s imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics, is designed to carry an Alpha mirrorless camera for capturing high quality, full frame aerial photography and video.

Airpeak is touted as the industry’s smallest class of drone that can be equipped with the Alpha system. It is “capable dynamic filming and precise, stable flight, and aims to contribute to the world of entertainment while also pursuing new possibilities for creative expression.”

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You can learn more about Sony Airpeak imaging drone HERE.

All images courtesy of Sony.