Pebblebee Stone Tracks Item and Lets You Make Shortcut Actions

We have a lot of objects in our life that is at risk of lost, but instead waiting for that to happen, you can actually prevent lost from happening by tagging them with a handy Bluetooth tracker like Pebblebee Stone. But the Stone here from Seattle-based startup, Pebblebee, can not tag your fido to make […]

Cable Cube Adds Bluetooth Connectivity to Regular Earphones without the Tangle Mess

Ok. Maybe the Cable Cube Bluetooth Receiver isn’t the most elegant solution to turn a regular audio buds into a Bluetooth one, but if it works as it promised, then it will be an affordable solution that’s of reasonable tidiness. Since the invention of Bluetooth headsets, such intermediary accessories have been around to convert existing […]

This Adapter Will Lets You Use Your Old Wired Keyboard and Mouse with Your Smartphone and Tablet

Wired keyboard and mouse are probably behind us, but don’t go chucking them into the trash bin yet cos’ they can have a fresh breath of life as the input and point devices for your tablet and smartphone, well, at least that’s what Nulaxy is proposing. Nulaxy is actually a keyboard/mouse Bluetooth adapter that acts […]

Battery-powered Bluetooth Light Switch Lets You Stick It Anywhere

Relocating light switch is expensive and by no means an easy task. Smartphone controllable light bulbs seem to have solved the issue because you don’t need a light switch at all, but what if, you just needed a switch because, to be honest, sometimes, walking to the switch and flicking it on or off is […]

FOBO Tire Monitors Your Car’s Tire Pressure 24/7 Ensuring They Are Always Properly Inflated

tires are the only things that are in contact with the ground on your vehicle and it is only right that you treat it with utmost respect, which means, ensuring they are inflated properly at all times but seriously, checking individual tires’ pressure can be quite a chore and this is where FOBO Tire Bluetooth […]

Estimote Stickers Want To Make Everything Connected, Could Be A Dream Come True For Marketers

online businesses have analytic that will tell them exactly what been browsed and how many times, which gives them an insight into which are the more popular products. this kind of give them an edge over brick and mortar stores where inanimate products sit on the shelves and business owners have absolutely zero idea of […]

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver Packs A 24-bit DAC And Optical Output

Bluetooth device that turns any regular speaker or music system into a Bluetooth-enabled one is not new, but not many can claim to offer built-in DAC and digital optical output as standard, and at a price point that won’t break your bank. such are features that Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver has to offer. this […]

You Don’t Need A Surface To Use Nod Gesture Control Ring

though we are self-proclaimed geeks, we are undecided if gesturing in the air is the future of control over our gadgets. we have seen and tested the Samsung gesture-enabled TV and to be completely honest, our arms and hands get tired after a while and hence the big question mark we have. however, if you […]

Bringrr + BringTag Means Never Forget Another Object Again

if you have the ‘talent’ of leaving important things like your phone or keys behind, then you should really check out Bringrr + BringTag. the concept is simple, but the implementation is a powerful one to ensure it does what it promised and that’s to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Bringrr is essentially […]

Samsung LED Smart Bulb

when you are a big name in the industry, it don’t matter if you are late in the competition because it is going to get the right attention anyway – like what South Korea electronics juggernaut Samsung just did, strolling into the market with its own LED Smart Bulb. these bulbs…