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a wrist watch that does without a watch face

Yiran Qian Eye of the Storm 544px
(image credit: Yiran Qian)

we have seen lots of unconventional way of telling time from a time piece, such as the TokyoFlash wristwatches. but one without a watch face? well, this is exactly what the Eye of The Storm is – a watch that does not have a face. designed by German-based product designer, Yiran Qian, the watch appears to be like a bracelet until its wearer presses a button at the side of the watch and two indicators appear along the inner edge (where the watch face supposed to be) and tells you the time. Continue reading a wrist watch that does without a watch face

wind-power to juice up your iPhone: iFan (for bicycle too)

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan img1 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven) iFan for iPhone | US$tbc(concept) | www.tjeerdveenhoven.com

we have been lamenting about the poor battery life of iPhone, but then we have a solution by the way of portable chargers. but what if you portable chargers went out of juice? duh! not good at all. time to extract some power from Mother Nature in the form of wind. well, the poor battery life of iPhone prompted Tjeerd Veenhoven to design the iFan – no, it is not a fan powered by iPhone but rather, it is the fan that’s going to juice up your iPhone.

basically, iFan is a modified PC fan molded into a rubber iPhone case and Tjeerd said that it took him six hours to charge up his iPhone. sounds a little too long perhaps, but then again its free power and readily available… well almost. Tjeerd has plan to redesign the fan blades to make it more efficient in catching the wind but in the meantime, Tjeerd has something up his sleeves… an iFan for bicycle.

sounds cool, at least you don’t need to be running around holding up your iPhone with the iFan to get it charged up. you can just mount it on the bicycle and cycle for six hours… maybe not. i guess its not for a full charge kind of thing, just perhaps a boost to the depleting power that will be enough for you to make the last call for help to save your aching legs.

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan img2 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven)

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan for bicycle 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven)


can you wear a bag instead of carrying it?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - in tote bag form 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)
there are times when you feel like going empty handed to the malls and do some window shopping. but of course with some cash and credit or bank cards. as you go along, you (pretend to) unexpectedly starts to amass a whole lot of merchandise, resulting in lots of shopping bags to carry. no hands? not to worry, just take out your vest and with some structured fiddling and you will have a tote bag at hand to stuff in all your newly acquired merchandise.

sounds impossible? definitely not impossible to designer Rotem Lewinsohn. Rotem Lewinsohn concept, aptly called Wear Me Bag, is a vest, errr… bag… can do just that. starting off as a fashionable vest (in grey, a color usually associated with space-age or sci-fi), a lady wears on her and when extra storage is required, simply remove the vest and systematically converts the vest into a tote bag (see photo below). it looks pretty cool in tote bag form too. wow. can we have a version for man too?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - how to wear 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)

via Yanko Design

its a shopping bag. its a hanger. so what is it?

DEDE Dextrous Design Get the Hang of It 544px
(image credit: DEDE Dextrous Design) Get the Hang of It | US$tbc(concept) | www.dede.gr

this one is definitely going to get the stares and disapproval from tree-huggers out there. wondering why? isn’t it just a simple shopping bag with a graphic of an upside down hanger on? in fact, it is more than just a shopping bag.

the upside down hanger is not a graphic, but instead it is a functional hanger. the hanger can be detached from the shopping and guess what? you can hang your newly purchased clothes with it and any clothes that your fancy.

conceptualized and designed by DEDE Dextrous Design, this project, dubbed Get the Hang of It, is 100% in cool factor but 0% for environmental friendliness. unless the bag has some hidden features that let it be reused. nevertheless, still (novelty) cool.

DEDE Dextrous Design Get the Hang of It 544px
(image credit: DEDE Dextrous Design)

via Yanko Design

how do you like your print to be? print screen or print from the screen?

Byeong Min Choe Document Extracter 544px
(credit: Yanko Design)

when we mention ‘Print Screen’ means hitting the ‘PRT SCN’ key on your keyboard for Windows-based machine or Command-Shift-3 on the Mac. however, designer Byeong Min Choe has a different idea – printing your screen directly out from your monitor.

how nice to see your print out being spit out from below your LCD display monitor? seriously, you can’t anymore literal than this. i say its awesome and it saves us some of our valuable table top real estate. now that Min Choe has dreamed up on this, how about doing the same for scanning?

Byeong Min Choe Document Extracter 544px
(credit: Yanko Design)

via Yanko Design

smartphone equipped bike: ECODRIVE Bicycle (Seoul Cycle Design Competition)

DesignJoo ECODRIVE Bicycle 544px
(photo credit: designjoo.com) ECODRIVE Bicycle | US$tbc (Concept) | www.designjoo.com

i love this bicycle. really. just check out those sleek lines. this beautiful bicycle is the brain child of Korean designer JUIL KIM with the purpose of improving riding experience and safety aspect of riding. it is not just any other bicycle. its a bicycle that has a proper built-in head lamp and turn signals for safety. no more putting your hands at risk in trying to signal your turns (be it balancing or risk of hitting someone or somethings). Continue reading smartphone equipped bike: ECODRIVE Bicycle (Seoul Cycle Design Competition)

lighting up with a bang: Bang! table lamp

Bitplay Bang! table lamp 544px
Bang! Table Lamp | US$NA (concept) | www.bitplayinteract.com

it’s not a fantasy to shoot to turn on and off your light. the Bitplay’s Bang! table lamp let you do just that, less the gunpowder smell and there’s no need to register your firearm. don’t worry, you won’t break anything here.

operation is simple: just aim the “gun” at the lamp and pull the trigger. the light goes out and the lampshade tilts to the side – a way of telling you that it’s been hit (though you probably already know when the light goes out). fire the “gun” again at the lamp will turn the lamp back on, putting the shade to its normal position.

talk about ending your day with a bang. but unfortunately, Bang! is just a concept. doh!

Bitplay Bang! Table Lamp: how it works? 544px
(image source: www.bitplayinteract.com)

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