Marvel x Overwatch Mash Up Beautifully Pulled Off By One Artist

It is true that the much-hyped game of 2016, Overwatch, may not share the same iconic status as Marvel’s superheroes, but if you happen to be both an Overwatch and Marvel comics fan, would you have thought of what if there was a mashup between the two? Maybe not. One thing for sure, though, there […]

Design Studio Reimagined 60s Space-age Television And It Looks Fabulous

Thanks to the space race that spanned from the 50s to the 70s, it inspired a tsunami of sci-fi movies in the 60s-70s including classics like Barberella and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. These movies, together with the then on-going space race, in turned inspired the designs of many things ranging from appliances to […]

Apple Should Make This Pill-shape Concept Mac mini A Reality

With Apple CEO Tim Cook quoted saying that Mac mini will remain a staple of Apple’s lineup and it (the Mac mini) being tipped to have some much needed overhaul, industrial design student Louis Berger jumped at the opportunity to imagine what it will look like and boy, was the concept a drool-worthy we-want-it-to-be-real Mac […]

Dadbag Adds Dad’s Beer Belly To Your Waist Without Actually Having One

I am not aware of any man who harbors the secret desire to have a beer belly, AKA dad bod. I mean, seriously, no man would want an oversized belly that looks like they are three months pregnant. However, in some rare instances, there are man folks who sought out this alternative look, but if […]

Laptop Stand That Is A Giant Heatsink Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven

I am sure you are familiar with heatsink. Typically milled out of aluminum, heatsink sole purpose is to mitigate overheating by dissipating heat quickly from high heat-generating equipment, such as a processor or LED elements. And it does so by introducing multiple fins which increases the surface area of a heat-conducting block. The science behind […]

Is Herrera Bladeless Drone Concept The Next Evolution In Drone Tech?

Consumer-grade drones are a dime a doze. It seems like everyone knows how to build one and sell it to you for a handsome amount. Most drones available today differentiate themselves with sophisticated software and sensors, but really, that is all there is to it. The drivetrain that makes them take flight is pretty much […]

Someone Is Bringing Back Cassette Tape Player And It Looks Totally Rad

People, start digging out your collection of ancient cassette tapes from your closet or attic (or self serve store), because a new age cassette player maybe coming your way. Well, that’s if Lithuanian audiovisual art duo, BrainMonk, have their way with Elbow, the next-generation portable cassette player. We are not sure if Star-Lord love for […]

Bold MacBook Pro 2018 Concept Has Huge Touch Keyboard/Pad Hybrid

Now that Apple has implemented touch bar on its MacBook Pro, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that in future, the entire keyboard, along with the touch pad, will be replaced by a huge-ass touch-based keyboard. Such a design is exactly what Seattle-based industrial design student Daniel Brunsteiner is driving with his MacBook Pro 2018 […]

Elon Musk Envisioned Minority Report-style Highways, But Under The Ground

Elon Musk is a visionary who nobody really knows what goes inside the complex head of his, including his choice of personal companion. Since after Paypal, the man, as it seems, wants to turn the world into one that many sci-fi novels and movies have predicted and these futuristic tunnels dreamed up The Boring Company […]

A Skyscraper Suspended From An Asteroid Is The Craziest Idea Ever

In what could be the craziest proposition we heard this week, a New York architecture firm, Clouds Architecture Office, has proposed an outlandish architecture which will be truly the ‘world’s tallest building ever’. Dubbed Analemma Tower, this insane idea proposed the building to be built not on solid ground like every other mortal structures, but […]