Pod Case Will Turn Apple Watch Into An iPod Lookalike. Yes, Really!

Remember iPod nano? The square form factor, super tiny music player from Apple? And remember how people turned it into a watch prior to the market introduction of Apple Watch? Well, we might be seeing a resurgence of this gadget “re-appropriation.” But no, iPod nano is not making a comeback. Instead, the Pod Case for […]

Future Porsche Cars May Have HUD-style Augmented Reality Windscreen

When it comes to innovative car tech, Jaguar Land Rover leads the pack. We have seen how the group’s research on transparent pillar and transparent hood, and how it plans to leverage on augmented reality to overlay real-time information on the entire windscreen. Speaking of the latter, Porsche apparently has the same idea too, albeit […]

Maker Of AK-47 Wants To Make A Robocop’s ED-09-like Mecha Robot

Well, what do you know? Kalashnikov, the Russian arm manufacturer best known for its AK-47 assault rifle, is not just into making electric motorcycle for the military, it apparently also has the desire to build a mecha robot. That’s right, the statue-like mecha robot, that looked suspiciously like ED-209 from 1987’s Robocop, you see here […]

Designer Envisions People And Dogs To Drink From Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are necessary evil that stick out like a sore thumb in any location. They are a common sight that most city dwellers have learned to live with, or simply ignore them. However, industrial design graduate Dimitri Nassisi harbors a bold idea of changing this necessary amenity into something more purposeful. He wants to […]

Designer Imagines The Slim Bezel Hype Catches On With iPad Pro

Have you ever look at an iPad Pro and go ewww at the large bezel? I know I do. So far, the edge-to-edge display craze is limited to smartphone. It has not quite proliferate to tablet. Seriously, I hope it does. Bezels are disgusting. They shouldn’t exist at all. That’s my sentiment and perhaps because […]

Designer Imagines Wakanda’s World Cup Soccer Team Jerseys

FIFA World Cup is all the rage now. Well, at least it is in the rest of the world outside of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Soccer is a huge thing in UK, Europe, South America, Asia, and in Africa. Speaking of Africa, have you ever thought that what if the fictional Africa country […]

Jang Junyoung’s Disappearing Flat Screen TV Is The Future Of Television

Who else here thinks that a TV is an eyesore in any setting? I guess not many cos’ we have learned to come to terms with what we believe as the “necessary evil.” Well, what considered to be an eyesore to some, will not be anymore with Jang Junyoung’s 55-inch Transparent TV. The designer conceptualized […]

Designer Dream Up A MacBook That Is Inspired By iPhone X’s Design

There are a lot changes to the MacBook over the years, but one has remain the same: it is still the wedge cross section form. In fact, that has been the design language of almost all laptops in existence today. TBH, like the smartphone, there’s really nothing much you can do about the aesthetic of […]

Man, This Dog Version Of Godzilla Figure Has To Be Made!

First and foremost, to avoid unnecessary disappointment and rage, you have to know that the Dogzilla figure you see here is not real. It is a concept design dreamed up by Taiwanese designer Noger Chen, otherwise known as Goodzilla, to mark the Lunar Year of the Dog. Yeah. I know, it is disappointing that it […]

Peugeot Worked With Beneteau Boats To Put i-Cockpit Into Boats

You know Peugeot is dead serious about pushing its i-Cockpit to the auto industry when it decided to stick their hands into designing cockpits for sea-faring vessel too. In an announcement made late last year, the French automaker unveiled the Sea Drive Concept in collaboration with French boat maker Beneteau Boats. Designed and built by […]