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Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype

we can’t attest to the sound quality of this pair of Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype, but as far as looks go, we can’t deny that it is a real looker and something of a conversational piece. naturally, the concrete here is not quite the concrete with large aggregate as used for buildings, but it is of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) in a very sculpture-like shape (actually, the shape was molded out of melamine bowls) and as you can see, it has wood material where the titanium cone full-range driver is seated and also at the back, where the audio terminals can be found. each pair is handcrafted by Etsy seller The Makerage and capable of delivering up to 50W of audio power. concrete is actually a great material for speaker enclosure as it is structural stiff and damps out vibrations efficiently. the only downside is, it is quite a heft to deal with, but that said, the heft could be an advantage in stabilizing the speakers too. anyway, you can request a custom order if you don’t fancy the shape The Makerage is offering. in any case you want a piece of this, expect to shell out a cool $499 for a pair. Continue reading Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype

Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

except for transportations, what else can’t be cast in concrete? we are obliged to think that most thing can indeed be cast in concrete; we have seen enough, ranging from speakers to writing instrument to foosball table to induction charger, to come to this conclusion and now, there is the concrete dock for iphone too. it sounds like a logical development as concrete are robust and heavy, which makes it well suited, if not the choice material, for an iPhone dock. developed by German design studio hardwrk, the concrete dock for iPhone, aptly dubbed Massive Dock, is hand cast using a complex procedure to achieve a high degree of density, fitment and impeccable finish. each dock is inspected by hand, polished, cured and sealed to avoid impurities. Continue reading Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

there are a lot Bluetooth speakers out there that did not specifically says they are portables, but yet by their sizes, you know you could if you wanted to transport it around. however, we can say the same for this novel (and in our opinion, pretty exciting) P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls. the official product name didn’t quite say much, but the P.A.C.O. is actually an open-source speaker and for most part of what you can see, are cast in concrete. using a combination of hardy concrete and “softer’ wood (in this case, it is Fir that was used), the P.A.C.O. turned out to be aesthetically pleasing, with the wood providing a softening effect by adding a little bit of warm, both in sound and in feel, to an otherwise cold material like concrete. the solid harmonic wood helps to diffuse the sound over 360 degrees while the concrete on its part, enhances the deepness of bass. Continue reading P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers

concrete is not exactly a luxury material, but it is nevertheless synonymous with manliness and have an unexplainable raw appeal. concrete never stops curing – it grows stronger as time passes and provides a strong structure that doesn’t vibrate unless there’s some artillery shelling going around. thus, it becomes the logical material of choice for the housing of the German-made Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers. being concrete means not only there will be no resonance to distort the sound, it is also hefty enough as a tranquil base. using a special high-strength concrete, the N1 enclosure is cast out as one piece with no joints or whatsoever. on the inside, this monolithic structure is lined with different sound-dampening materials to eliminate reflections which rounds up the acoustic department of this heavy weight audiophile loudspeakers. Continue reading Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers

Posh Craft x Realize Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5

concrete – that hardy materials that have seen many other applications outside of construction, is now reaching out to your iPhone 5 too. obviously, you don’t expect to cast concrete all over your iPhone 5, that would be totally silly. instead, what the Posh Craft x Realized Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5 ($tba) offers is a thin layer of real concrete that sticks to the back of your iPhone. no sides, no front – it is just like what said it is: a skin, in concrete. so there you have it, a cool concrete look on your iPhone 5 without weighing it down. since the skins are created from real concrete, each skin is presented with random pockets of imperfection common to concrete, which means no two Luna Concrete Skin will be the same and these pockets, together with the uneven gray tone of concrete makes it look much like piece of the moon. it really is the perfect example of contemporary industrial design. how cool can you get than this? Continue reading Posh Craft x Realize Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5

Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

there is wireless induction charger and then there is the Concrete Wireless Induction Charger (officially, Concrete Charger). it may sounds pretty out-of-this-world, but we have already seen concrete-cast speaker and concrete USB flash drive, why not a concrete charging device? as the name implies, this particularly alluring wireless charging contraption is casted from concrete, forming a rounded triangular contemporary art piece that doubles as a wireless induction charger using the Qi wireless standard. though concrete, it is given a soft cork top so that it will be a scratch-free experience for your tech devices and an uber cool acrylic “light blade”, sandwiched between that cork top and the concrete base, keeps you in the know of the charging status. Continue reading Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio

need something to solid to put down your ideas? then you could use a little help from this Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio. Concrete Rollerball Pen is what the name says it is: a rollerball pen that has a body cast in concrete – the very same material that you are probably surrounded by at this present moment – unless you are living in a cabin, or a container, or a trailer. conceived up by Taiwan-based design studio 22 Design Studio, who are no stranger to making concrete things, the Concrete Rollerball Pen is made from hand-poured concrete (well, that should be cement to be exact – before it cures to become concrete) and because of that, it bestow the pen with a weighty feel for a more firm and reassuring strokes. other features include a ridged body for enhanced grip, 316 stainless hardware, and it uses a replaceable ink cartridge so that it can could keep on going as long as you do. one thing for sure, it will become stronger as time goes, as that’s part of the nature of concrete: it increases in strength as it ages. beautiful stuff. the Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio is available via Design Boom Store for $70 a pop. if you are seeking out a conversational writing instrument, this will be it. you can check out a few more looks in the gallery below.

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Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove

Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove
Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove | US$na | gregpapove.tumblr.com

can’t get enough of industrial-look for you home or office decor? if so, we bet you already have everything stuffed within your humble abode or office space that points toward your industrial-inclination. however, we also bet that you don’t have an industrial-look, concrete laptop stand for your beautiful, industrial designed MacBook Pro like this particular example created by designer Greg Papove. dubbed as the Foundation Laptop Stand (or something along the line), this unique laptop stand is cast entirely from concrete Continue reading Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove

Shmuel Linski’s ‘exposed’ concrete cast speaker system

Exposed Concrete Speaker System 544x428px
(credit: Shmuel Linski)

though we have seen a concrete cast custom PC case mod and even concrete USB flash drives, but to have them on speakers are the last thing we expect to see but here it is, a set of real life, true-to-the-core concrete cast speakers created by Israeli industrial designer Shmuel Linski. i am person with ‘industrial taste’, and naturally, Shmuel Linski’s work caught my eye. apparently, this is not the only cast concrete project he has done. previously, he has designed a concrete coffeemaker and wait for this… a concrete canoe. wow. if you ever need everything concrete, this is the dude to talk to. Continue reading Shmuel Linski’s ‘exposed’ concrete cast speaker system

Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete

Panna Foosball Table 544x388px

i am not a huge fan of soccer but for some reasons, foosball never fails to attract me. it is unexplainably addictive and i would think, it is a game that will never go out of style. that said, it is only natural that a foosball table cast in concrete that reminisces of a street soccer game has my attention in an instant. instead of the usual wood or MDF board materials, the Panna Foosball Table is cast in concrete and has a 2-a-side set-up. Continue reading Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete