These Are Real Working Espresso Machines Made of Concrete and Kitchen Countertops Material

I am sure there are good reasons why espresso machines are mostly made of steel, but hey, there’s no harm in exploring the use of other materials too, right? I mean, what could go wrong? And that’s precisely what South Berkeley, California-based design studio Montaag has done: they went beyond the traditional material like stainless …

Luna iPhone Case

Your phone is, let’s face it, your most commonly used accessory and seldom will a minute go by where it isn’t residing in your hand, checking your tweets or updating your Instagram feed. With this in mind, it is important to make your smartphone as dapper as possible and we’re wiling to wager you’ll not …

Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype

we can’t attest to the sound quality of this pair of Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype, but as far as looks go, we can’t deny that it is a real looker and something of a conversational piece. naturally, the concrete here is not quite the concrete with large aggregate as used for buildings, but it is …

Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

except for transportations, what else can’t be cast in concrete? we are obliged to think that most thing can indeed be cast in concrete; we have seen enough, ranging from speakers to writing instrument to foosball table to induction charger, to come to this conclusion and now, there is the concrete dock for…

P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

there are a lot Bluetooth speakers out there that did not specifically says they are portables, but yet by their sizes, you know you could if you wanted to transport it around. however, we can say the same for this novel (and in our opinion, pretty exciting) P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls.

Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers

concrete is not exactly a luxury material, but it is nevertheless synonymous with manliness and have an unexplainable raw appeal. concrete never stops curing – it grows stronger as time passes and provides a strong structure that doesn’t vibrate unless there’s some artillery shelling going around. thus, it becomes the

Posh Craft x Realize Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5

concrete – that hardy materials that have seen many other applications outside of construction, is now reaching out to your iPhone 5 too. obviously, you don’t expect to cast concrete all over your iPhone 5, that would be totally silly. instead, what the Posh Craft x Realized Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5 ($tba) offers is a thin layer of real concrete that sticks to the back of your iPhone.

Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

there is wireless induction charger and then there is the Concrete Wireless Induction Charger. it may sounds pretty out-of-this-world, but we have already seen concrete-cast speaker and concrete USB flash drive, why not a concrete charging device? as the name implies, this particularly alluring wireless charging contraption is casted from concrete, forming a rounded triangular contemporary art

Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio

need something to solid to put down your ideas? then you could use a little help from this Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio. Concrete Rollerball Pen is what the name says it is: a rollerball pen that has a body cast in concrete – the very same material that you are probably surrounded by at this present moment

Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove

can’t get enough of industrial-look for you home or office decor? if so, we bet you already have everything stuffed within your humble abode or office space that points toward your industrial-inclination. however, we also bet that you don’t have an industrial-look, concrete laptop stand for your beautiful…