This Custom Monster Truck Sits 28, Has a 74′ Bell Helicopter Cockpit For Cabin

we have no idea how much a monster truck cost, but we read that those competitive ones like the Grave Digger cost over $250,000, plus around $100,000 for spare parts. well, that thing only sits one or maybe two, which makes ebay seller ‘mrdavegibson’ asking price of $600,000 for his 28-seat Monster Truck a steal. […]

This Custom 1971 Mercedes Pickup Truck Packs a Lexus V8 Engine

you have seen an electric car, a MINI, and even a Ferrari, chopped and turned into a pickup truck, now meet another beautiful example that’s converted from a classic 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D. granted that this particular example being put up for sale by South African car sale outfit, Sedgefield Classic Cars, is not the first […]

This Nissan LEAF Has a Frontier Bed and So Yes, It Is a Nissan LEAF Truck

elsewhere if you need a workhorse to haul things around, you procure a pickup truck to do the job, but Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona, is not the ‘elsewhere’ and so befitting their engineering background, they made one instead, or more specifically, they torn up the rear quarter of a LEAF, throws in a […]

You Can Now Buy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1977 Unimog U1300 SE 6.4 For €208,250

well, what do you know? ex-California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s custom Unimog is now on sale in Germany for a cool €208,250 (about US$270,000) and it has just 1,300 miles on it. man, what did this man do or not do with this beauty? anyway, this truck does not come easy for Arnold. it […]

This Is Our Dream Truck: The Ferrari 412 Pickup Truck

Ferrari, like McLaren, will probably never venture into the SUV segment, let alone designing and build pickup trucks, which is a good enough reason for London Motor Group to chop up one Ferrari 412 and turn it into a pickup truck, and boy, the result is nothing less than stunning. billed as the world’s first […]

MINI Paceman Adventure Concept Truck

we have seen just about almost all kind of MINI body styles, from coupes to convertibles to crossovers, but a pickup truck is certainly not one of them, or will ever be considered, largely due to the ‘impractically’ tiny cargo area it has to offer. well, that’s until now. a group of young apprentices teamed […]

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins

the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins is not your typical Mars rover-like concept vehicle, it is a project truck created to “test the waters”, so to speaker, to see how consumers will react to the next-generation Frontier.

Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX Track Vehicle

when you live and breathe motorsport, it is only natural that the ride you’d take when going up the snowy mountains for some snowboard fun would be one of the kind, or maybe that only applies to Ken Block whose choice vehicle would be this Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX Track Vehicle.

WD-40 x SEMA Cares Foose Ford F-150

continuing our obsession with one-off things, we stumbled across this one-of-the-kind WD-40 x SEMA Cares Foose Ford F-150. of course, this WD-40 and SEMA Cares collaboration isn’t new, but unlike the collaborations in the past, this beautiful 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat will not go under hammer;