Stark Drive Mini Electric Bicycle’s ‘Last Mile’ Includes After Flying

When we talk about the ‘last mile’, we often think the last leg of the journey after disembarking from an automobile and other land-based transportation, but what if, just what if, you are flying? I know right. It’s probably Uber, but what if I tell you that there’s an electric bicycle that wants to tackle […]

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike Is A True Last Mile Ride Because, Fat Bike

There’s folding electric assist bike and there’s fat bike, and then there is this thing here: the 2018 RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike. Armed with ridiculously chunky 4-inch wide knobby tires, the 2018 RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike is not the mini electric assist bike you have known; it is one that will let you […]

We Are Totally Smitten By This 70s Vintage-Look Moped That Does 60MPH

So, you think moped is dead? Well, it is not and it never did ‘die’. It is always there, but today, we simply called it electric bicycles, or pedal-assist electric bicycle. But there is a major difference between an electric bicycle and a moped: a moped usually looks like a motorcycle. Call it a motorcycle-wannabe […]

Bosch Heralds The New Era Of eBike With New In-frame Battery

Bosch’s electric bicycle arm, Bosch eBike Systems, is determined to make electric bicycles sleeker. They are not making bicycles themselves, though. Instead, Bosch eBike Systems design and manufacture components like drives, onboard computer, and battery pack. You know, basically stuff that makes an eBike, an eBike. The Bosch PowerTube 500 you see here is the […]

Watch Luke Skywalker And Princess Leia Cruises NYC On A Speeder Bike

Every year, Internet celebrities Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat will make a video to mark the year’s Halloween. This year is no different. And if anything, I think this year’s Halloween Levitating Star Wars Speeder Bike should be one of the most memorable because, Speeder Bike. For Halloween 2017, Jesse Wellens and model Carmella Rose […]

Royal Dutch Gazelle CityZen C8 HMB: Classic Look With Modern Drivetrain

American Dutch-style bike maker Gazelle recently announced its new eBike called CityZen. CityZen slips into the market touting the best of both worlds: the world where you still get the joy of pedaling and the world where you get some assistant in the form of an electric motor when the going gets tough. So, yes, […]

BMW And SPECIALIZED Announced Special Edition E-Mountain Bike

BMW has come together with premium trail bike maker SPECIALIZED to introduce a limited-run special edition of the bike maker’s Specialized Turbo Levo called SPECIALIZED for BMW Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie. No doubt a marketing effort to promote German automaker’s new Sports Activity Vehicle, the new-generation X3, judging from its appearance in the various product […]

This Sleek Tesla Battery-powered eBike Is foldable, Has Range Up To 45 Miles

Yesterday was my first time riding a shared bike and I did not have a good experience. Cycling is fun, but not so much when there are gradients. Bicycle lets you feel the slope that hardly took notice when walking or even running, and the fact that that particular bike’s tires were under pressure didn’t […]

Hubless Bike Glows Like Tron’s Light Cycle, Heralds The Future Of Bicycle

You haven’t see flying cars zipping across the city’s sky and so, it shouldn’t surprise you that bicycles, electric or not, still look largely like your grandfather’s bicycle. However, that’s set to change with Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle. As the product name subtly hints, this pedal-assist bicycle has a little bit of Tron element […]

4-wheel Power-assist Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Real Life Car Caricature

What you see here is a bicycle. No, really. It is a bicycle, an electric bicycle to be exact. Built by Swedish dude Mikael Kjellman, PopRide, as it is called, was born out of the desire to have the practicality of bicycle with the comfort and convenience of car. Actually, it is more like a […]