Jamstik is a Half Size Digital Guitar Designed for Beginners and Music Creators, and Anyone In-between

fancy practicing your guitar shredding skills or perhaps, create music while on the move? well, this half-size digital guitar, known as Jamstik, might just be your cuppa. Jamstik not only takes guitar learning and music making into the digital age, but assimilate it into the mobile culture so you can do the things you love …

ABKCO x Fender Beggars Banquet Guitar

regardless of whether you are a huge The Rolling Stones fan, or simply an avid guitar enthusiast (well, more like collector), chances are you are going to love the ABKCO x Fender Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Guitar. this limited edition Telecaster guitar is a collaborative effort by ABKCO Music & Records and Fender to mark

Gittler Titanium Guitar

just when we thought the Stash Stainless Steel Bass was crazy, Gittler Instruments up the ante by going all titanium for its minimalist bass and guitar. based on the design by the late founding father of Gittler Instruments, the Titanium Guitar does without the cumbersome body, head, and even the neck.

Stash Stainless Steel Bass Guitar

it is a known fact that bassist is not exactly the most glamorous job in a band. rarely does a bassist gets to be in the spotlight (appearing in Bass Guitar magazine doesn’t count). sure. once in a while you get to do the bass solo, but you can’t deny that is a mere candlelight shine than a real spotlight – however, if you were to take the Stash

Bohemian Oil Can Guitars

according to Oxford dictionary, the word Bohemian refers to “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts” and such is what the Bohemian Oil Can Guitars are. though it is not a ‘person’ per say, it is without doubt every bit of unconventional and if you haven’t already realized

Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

ruggedized guitar? now that’s a good reason to be strumming away in your next camping trip deep in the wilderness. frankly, most regular people won’t have such a need, but with the Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar looking so darn awesome, you don’t need to be a musically-inclined adventurer to get one. in any case that you do go everywhere

Skate Guitar – Used Skateboard Repurposed into Electric Axe

there was a time when flying V was the in thing for rocking axe shredders. then as rock music progresses so did the design of the axe which takes on the most inconceivable form (such as a Nintendo NES console electric guitar), but seriously, the design oddity has not been fully explored even then. the Skate Guitar