Horse In AT-AT Costume Will Make For A Perfect Trick Or Treat Companion

What are the odds of people dressing up as Star Wars AT-AT pilots? I would think the odd is extremely low because, you know, AT-AT pilots are not as iconic as the Stormtroopers, AKA troopers with terrible aim. Anyways, if you or your kid planned to cosplay as an AT-AT pilot for this Halloween and […]

Praises For Shuri And Ms. Marvel Kid’s Costumes And Wasp’s Sexual Costume

Originally, the idea of dressing up in costumes for Halloween is to scare away supernatural or folkloric beings, but it has since evolved to, well, anything goes. As far as children goes, it is about cuteness and the ability to grab sweet treats. Add a dash of today’s need for political correctness, you have the […]

Get Into Halloween Fortnite-Style With This Inflatable Battle Bus

Fortnight is the in thing now. Well, that’s if you are into shooter video games and if you are, you will want this on your lawn. Yup. It is the Battle Bus from the game and it is an inflatable. It looks the part, except that it won’t fly. At 18 feet (about 5.5 meters) […]

You Can Now Dress Up As Han Solo In Carbonite Thanks To This Inflatable

I can’t believe no one dresses up as Han Solo… in Carbonite for Comic-Con and Halloween. Or maybe there were? I can’t say for sure. Anywho, in case you are a Star Wars fan and wanted to dress up as a different kind of Solo (a less than suave Solo, that is), then you may […]

DIY 29-foot Millennium Falcon Roof Decoration Is The Best Way To Welcome Star Wars:The Last Jedi

The Powell family and his neighborhood in Lafayette, California must be a super fan of Star Wars as judge by the giant Millennium Falcon replica looming over their roof. The 29-foot (8.4 meters) long, 700 pounds (318 kilograms) Millennium Falcon is not of space age material, obviously, but mainly of wooden frame and PVC piping, […]

NASA’s Playlist Of Sounds From Space Is Apt For Sci-Fi-themed Halloween Party

Are you going to have a sci-fi-themed Halloween party? Well, if so, you will want these spooky sounds recorded in space by NASA as your soundtrack. Like, seriously. Be warned though, these sounds are really, really spooky. The level of spookiness cannot be overstated. I have listened to all the tracks in the playlist and […]

Watch Luke Skywalker And Princess Leia Cruises NYC On A Speeder Bike

Every year, Internet celebrities Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat will make a video to mark the year’s Halloween. This year is no different. And if anything, I think this year’s Halloween Levitating Star Wars Speeder Bike should be one of the most memorable because, Speeder Bike. For Halloween 2017, Jesse Wellens and model Carmella Rose […]

Randomly Moving Eyeballs Turn Jack O’ Lantern Into A Creep O’ Lantern

Ready to take your Halloween decoration to the next level of creep? Well then, here’s a DIY project back from 2016 which you can embark on for this Halloween that will completely amp up your Halloween decor’s creepiness. What you see here is a Jack O’ Lantern with Arduino-powered Moving Eyeballs. It was created by […]

Ohio Man Built A 19-Foot AT-AT Replica On His Front Lawn For Halloween

Halloween decorations have gone from the creepy, ghouls-themed to wait, what? Star Wars-themed? Yup. That is exactly what one man did on the front lawn of his property. Nick Meyer, an elevator mechanic, has built a towering 19-foot tall AT-AT replica modeled after a toy he bought. The family has the tradition of creating something […]

Here’s How To Make A LEGO Minifigure Costume For This Halloween

The day when you dress to kill (not literally, though some do… just saying) is upon us again and if you are still brooding over what to dress up as, how does a life-size LEGO minifigure sounds? Well, it may not scare away ghosts that roam the Earth on this day, but it will certainly […]