Beetlejuice Scary Adam and Barbara Masks Are Scarier Than The Movie’s

Who here doesn’t love Beetlejuice (1988, The Geffen Company)? OK. Maybe not everyone. Admittedly, only those born earlier would have heard and love comedy-fantasy directed by the man of strangely surreal haunt, Tim Burton. Anyways, if you are a huge fan, you’d know that there’s no other costume better than one pulled straight out of […]

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock Is One For The Halloween

As if cuckoo clock itself isn’t spooky enough, the guys at Bradford Exchange has made it even more spookier with an iteration based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, yeah. What you have here is a Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock, officially licensed, of course, and you know what I […]

Bleeding Hand Candles Might Just Be The Creepiest Halloween Decor Ever

October is around the corner and you know what this means. This means Halloween will be upon us very soon. Besides dressing in costume to scare the shit out of the spirits that walk the Earth on this day, a Halloween decor is a must for completeness sake. More so, if you intend to have […]

Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

No, that’s not a pre-CGI-skinned Optimus Prime – that’s Caron Arnold, creative director of St. Louis-based marketing agency, Fusion Marketing, behind the costume she made using only Amazon Prime boxes. How fitting! You know, Amazon Prime and Optimus Prime? Get it? Get it? Anywho, with the Amazon Prime boxes she has amassed over god-knows-for-how-long and […]

Wolf Spider-Inspired Halloween Costume: It’s A Scary Party Spider

Halloween is barely a week from now and so, if you have yet to cobble up a costume, then this is it. Though a Realistic Spider Insect Costume may not right up your alley, but hey, you want a costume that’s ready-to-wear, this would be one of the few awesome choices. Besides, I am sure […]

A Drone With An Angel Of Death In Tow Is Some Scary But Awesome Shit

My advice is, don’t dress up as Death this Halloween. Why? Because someone already did and we must say, he was pretty damn good at it. How? He flew, way up above like he should in the first place and not walking with his feet cos’ Death has none of those. Ok, technically, the man, […]

Dad Made Junior An Adorable Star Wars Luke-on-Tauntaun Costume

Kids with parents who have the knack for handicraft are super lucky, especially when it comes to Halloween. These kids may be too young to understand, but they do get surprises, like being able to dress up as E.T., or like this super fortunate little fellow, as a tauntaun-riding Luke Skywalker, when they go door-to-door […]

Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume

now that Breaking Bad season 5 has officially come to a close, we are guessing that some hardcore fans out there are already suffering from serious meth-in-tube withdrawals. well, don’t be. you can get you fix through the complete series Blu-ray collection, or better still, suit up with this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume