Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 Wireless Soundbar

users of very large screen TV will not be left out of the sound bar rage. Samsung has a new offering, the Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 Wireless Soundbar, that would give 60-inch or larger HDTV the chance to de-clutter its home theater setup. billed as the follow up to its tube-based soundbar announced earlier this year, the

Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System

you how intricate it is to set up a truly mind-blowing home theater system; you probably have to enlist professional help in speaker positioning, sound proofing and among the many details. however, you can save yourself that hassle with the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System. billed as the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system

Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar Speaker

setting up a home theater system used to be a somewhat rocket science thing and that’s not to mention the inherent cable clutter coming from a multi-channel surround system. however, with a system such as the Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar Speaker, setting up will no longer be a hair-pulling experience and you no longer have to put up with tons of snaking cables.

How To Build A Home Theater Without Breaking The Bank

For some people, making their home theaters into carbon copies of the local multiplex becomes their mission in life. Some even spend tens of millions of dollars in order to achieve the ultimate home theater experience. It is true that these homages to the classical movie experience are jaw-dropping and pristine, but most

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 Surround Speaker System

when B&O said that their new Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 Surround Speaker System has a “competitive price point”, we took a hard look at its $3,995 starting price tag. hmmm. are we missing something here? by average joe’s standard, that number is hardly closed to “competitive”. being ‘just a surround speaker

IMAX Private Theater

so a Curved OLED TV is not enough to trick into believing that you are getting the IMAX experience? well, no worries at all, as long you have pretty penny to drop, you can actually have an IMAX Private Theater installed in your home. we kid you not – this IMAX private theater is very real and is brought to you by none other than the people behind

Quad L-ite Plus Home Cinema Speaker System

despite the proliferation of sound bars, not all are nearly agreeable that a single piece of ‘bar’ could result in a rich cinematic experience. if you belong to the non believer of sound producing bars, then we suppose a solid setup of at least a 5.1 system would be suffice. speaking of which, they are awful lot of 5.1 systems out in the market