Canary Smart Home Security Device

if you think home security system couldn’t be simpler. think again, or at least that’s what the Canary Smart Home Security Device wants you to think. before we proceed, it is important that you get rid of the notion of cumbersome CCTV and video recording rigs, cos’ the Canary is anything but. it is just a lone, cylindrical device (beautiful, no less) that packs in a HD camera, a microphone, night vision capability, and sensors including temperature, motion detection. humidity and air quality sensors. the idea is to provide a one-stop security solution, so to speak, that’s quite a no-brainer to use. in another word, a device that just works. no fumbling with cabling, complicated setup or whatsoever. it is an all-in-one home security solution that provides you with video feeds and sensor readouts to your Android or iOS device in real time. the device detects abnormality in your home and alert you when say, there’s an sudden surge in temperature which could indicate potential fire, or motion or sound detected when apparently there isn’t anyone home.

Kite Mosquito Patch

keeping mozzies off can be a risky business. you know. it is either you get a super effective solution that will possibly harm your health, or risk catching mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and the likes, if you fail to stop the nasty pest from taking 1,000,000th of a gallon of your blood. but that’s until now. the folks behind the Kite

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

if Captain Kirk had heard of the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch, then he probably would be ashamed that he still has to hold a device in his hand to communicate with his crew when the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch does it right off the wrist. of course, the Kreyos Meteor isn’t the first smartwatch in the market to do that, but it is certainly the first waterproof

Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount

when you drive, where do you normally place your smartphone? on the dash, windscreen, or in the cupholder? not exactly the ideal spots, are they? Mountek has a better proposition: the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount. as the product name implies, it is designed to mount into your car’s CD/DVD slot. a two-piece

Antoine Arnaud Spirit of St. Louis Watch

call it coincidence or whatever. recently i have been scouting around for aviation-inspired watches and one thing becomes apparent: they have price tags that would certain to make any average joe cringe, but that’s not case with the Antoine Arnaud Spirit of St. Louis Watch. inspired by the pilots of the 1920s, the

Tigdi Case – Leather iPhone Wallet

at a glance, the Tigdi Case looks like just another iPhone wallet, but trust us, it is anything but ‘just another’. unlike most iPhone wallet case, the Tigdi Case has an integrated snap-on case for some real iPhone protection and on top of that, it still has room for for a couple of credit cards and some cash. however, if you prefer an all-out leather

Photon 3D Scanner by Matterform

you have been scanning and printing documents all the while – a task that’s pretty much a no brainer, but now, imagine this: scanning your favorite action figures and printing them. sounds too good to be true? not at all. especially when low-cost 3D scanners such this Photon 3D Scanner developed by Canadian firm Matterform

Keyper – Slim Leather Key Organizer

keychain is probably essential to most folks, but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. the solution? the Keyper slim leather key organizer. instead of hooking up your keys to a ring, the Keyper wants you to keep each key as separates and slot them elegantly, if not uber-stylishly, into four individually stitched key slots.

The Orobis Transform – a Lightning and microUSB hybrid cable

Apple is not the reigning portable gadget maker and hence, we don’t depend on Lightning cable all the time. so if you are like most of us here that has the need for both the Apple Lightning cable and a microUSB cable (common among non-Apple devices), then The Orobis Transform should help

Amiigo – Fitness Wristband for iPhone and Android

a fitness (or activity) tracker knows when you are moving or even how vigorous a particular activity was but they can’t really differentiate between the different exercises that you have done or are doing. this where a high-tech fitness tracking device such as the Amiigo stands out from the growing activity tracker market