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Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS Limited Launch Edition

it is true that the Ventura SPARC MGS is an impressive time piece. it is also true that the chiseled, angular look it has is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence, the introduction of the Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS, a luxury time piece that has everything the SPARC MGS has but with a softer, smoother look. designed by designer Paolo Fancelli, the Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS is now on a “limited launch edition” with only 50 pieces to go around and with each costing €3,280 or about US$4,480 – a price that doesn’t stray quite much from the original MGS. Continue reading Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS Limited Launch Edition

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Samsung Curved OLED TV
do we really need TV to be curved? i guess we will never know until we have one, do we? just like we never thought we ‘needed’ a tablet before iPad. that said, we believe that theory should be applicable to the Samsung Curved OLED TV. detailed hard specs wasn’t available but the Chaebol giant has put forward a few benefits that users could reap from this eye-pampering, beautiful object. the Curved OLED TV made its global appearance during last week’s International CES and is said to offer “depth to the content displayed for a more life-like viewing experience.” additionally, the curved nature of the display is also excellent for immersive panorama effect, which conventional flat-panel TVs can’t offer (and probably explains why IMAX is still popular to this day). Continue reading Samsung Curved OLED TV

Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit

Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit
Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit | US$tba | www.cutecircuit.com

how do know you are hardcore Twitter addict? for ladies, one the signs is, finding yourself desperately scouring the net in an attempt to buy this Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit as seen here worn by this beautiful ex-Pussycat doll member Nicole Scherzinger. the dress, an evening gown, is made of french chiffon changeant and decorated by thousands of hematite Swarovski Elements and it is certainly made to dazzle but that however, is not the star of this dress (though Nicole might have drawn most of the attention to her). Continue reading Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit

Exhale Fan

Exhale Fan Bladeless Ceiling Fan
Exhale Fan | from US$250.00 | exhalefans.com

ceiling fans while welcomed during hot summer days, do instill some fear of decapitation in some of us and not to mention some homes with lower ceilings adds to this gruesome trepidation. anyway, if you have been missing out the benefit of a ceiling fan because this fear, then help is here. meet Exhale Fan, the world’s first truly bladeless ceiling fan that uses the science of laminar flow, occurring between an array of flat disks, to coax the air to move throughout your room. unlike the traditional bladed counterpart, laminar movement is smooth, uninterrupted, creates no noise at all Continue reading Exhale Fan

Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit

Geno 2.0: Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit
Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit | US$199.95 | www.nationalgeographic.com

do you, at times, ponder over the whys on our very existence? if you do, then we bet you are as curious as we are about our origins. and when we said ‘origins’, we are talking about understanding our ancestries as far back as hundreds and even thousands of years ago and not just the recent events. for those who are itching to find out, you can start with the $199.95 Geno 2.0 – Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit, a project spearheaded by National Geographic in an effort to understand mankind’s origins. Continue reading Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit


Ventura SPARC MGS W 51 S
Ventura SPARC MGS | from US$5,150.00 | www.ventura.ch

you know? there are times where we did missed out on some really cool stuff and we just let them pass as they are ‘old news’ but not for the Ventura SPARC MGS – a luxury time piece that we find its design and inner workings too revolutionary to give it a miss. hundred years old news or not – it deserves to be mention again and again. so what’s makes the SPARC MGS so special apart from looking really fantastic? the magic lies in its self-winding mechanism dubbed as the Micro Generator System (hence, MGS) that sits adjacent to the watch digital display which it readily powers. Continue reading Ventura SPARC MGS

Anti-WiFi Wallpaper

Anti-WiFi Wallpaper
(photos: via DVICE) Anti-WiFi Wallpaper | US$tba

are you paranoid about scheming neighbors who will take every chance to freeload on your WiFi even if you already password protected it? well, good news for you paranoia folks, researchers at the institut polytechnique Grenoble INP and the Centre Technique du Papier have created a wallpaper that when installed in your room or home, prevents your WiFi signal from getting out. thus, preventing your neighbors from sapping off your already pathetically slow Internet. this wallpaper is coated with silver crystals that are arranged in a manner to allow it to block certain wireless frequencies, thereby keeping your precious WiFi signal from getting out of your room or house. Continue reading Anti-WiFi Wallpaper

Earthquake Proof Table by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno

Earthquake Proof Table
(photos: Brutter and Bruno) Earthquake Proof Table by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno | US$na

not everything we featured here is about personal tech lifestyle vanity and we do appreciate efforts made by individuals or groups with hope to make this world a better place. one such example is this Earthquake Proof Table by industrial designer Arthur Brutter and professor Ido Bruno. as the name implies, it is designed to save lives, which is a good enough reason to be posted here. as we all know, school children in and around earthquake prone zones are taught to hide under their desks when there’s a slightest hint of rumble. Continue reading Earthquake Proof Table by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno