X2 Underwater Jet Pack

while jetpack that takes to the sky is slowly becoming a reality, a jet pack that gives you same freedom underwater is unheard of. but that is set to change if UK-based startup SCP Marine Innovation has their way and the device which the firm is touting is the X2 Underwater Jet Pack – if the firm’s equity crowdfunding campaign is a success.

FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter

power brick haters rejoice. the future of laptop power adapter has gone down in size (finally!), thanks to the innovative FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter. about four times smaller and six times lighter than today’s adapters, the FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter comes in a wall plug form factor, thus negating the need for the cumbersome…

Neurocam by Neurowear

we always talked about capturing the moment that matters to us the most to us as we go about our daily routine, but how do we actually know which is the ‘moment’? our brains know that and with the help of the Neurocam by Japan-based Neurowear, it will detect that moment and record a five-second video.

Hydrobee Water-powered USB Charger

we have seen a few interesting concepts of how to ride on what the nature has to offer, namely fire and heat, to charge your portable gadgets, such as the CampStove, the FlameStower, and of course, the usual solar chargers, and now Hydrobee joins the rank with an interesting proposal: using the power of running water to charge up a portable battery that could be used to charge virtually any USB-powered devices.

Coin All-in-One Credit Card

we often talk about trimming down our wallets to prevent it from growing out proportion and turning into George Costanza’s “morbidly obese” wallet. while minimalist wallet kinds do it, it doesn’t really take a stab at the core of the problem and that core happens to be ‘cards’. you have got credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, membership cards and more

Boston Dynamics Wildcat Robot

we said it again and we will say it once more: we don’t always try to shove things into your face that begs you to buy, buy and buy (though we most certainly always do that). that said, we would like you to meet the Wildcat Robot, the latest creation of Massachusetts-based Boston Dynamics, a robotics design company. obviously, you won’t be able to buy one of these creatures

Hydroflex Hi-tech Composite Skateboards

usually, skateboarders will never fail to get the rightful attention, however, if you ever need a boost in the look-at-me department, then look no further than the Hydroflex Hi-tech Composite Skateboards. seriously, if these funky colored (we are tempted to say psychedelic) skate decks don’t attract any attention at all, we don’t know what will.

Oppo N1 Smartphone

not that we want to sneer at iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanning feature, but we seriously think Apple needs more than a 64-bit architecture and fancy fingerprint scanner to be worthy of being called innovative or breakthrough. if the company’s shares performance is any indication, the new iPhones are anything but groundbreaking

Structure Sensor – Mobile 3D Scanner

just when we thought desktop 3D scanner was revolutionary, the Structure Sensor completely blew our minds away. Structure Sensor is basically a portable 3D scanner made specifically to work with iPad to capture objects as digital 3D models. beneath its anodized aluminum enclosure are IR emitters and cameras to do

Samsung Origami Printer

however we try, a printer is never going to be eco-friendly. come on, folks, it prints and that means it is killing trees one way or another (not unless you are talking about papers made from Elephants’ dung). the least any printer maker can do is, to make the printer itself as eco-friendly as possible like this conceptual Samsung Origami Printer.