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You Can Built a Crossguard Lightsaber to ‘Test’ If It Will ‘Cut’ Your Hands When Wielding It

By now, we all know two important things about the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. One, it has a non-white Stormtrooper and two, it has a Lightsaber equipped with Lightsaber crossguard. The latter is the one that’s making the round on the Internet and among Star Wars fans with the question: won’t the crossguard cut the user’s hand? If you are still debating over this ‘technical’ issue, why not find it out by building one crossguard Lightsaber and test it out yourself? Obviously, Lightsaber is far from being real; there is no way, in today’s technology, we can contain the pure plasma energy in the form and shape required to form the Lightsaber. Continue reading You Can Built a Crossguard Lightsaber to ‘Test’ If It Will ‘Cut’ Your Hands When Wielding It

Guy Collaborates With Sugru To Create Super Cool Water Gatling Gun

if you have been following this blog, chances are you have read about Sugru, a super flexible compound that lets mend and make virtually anything you can think of. well, you probably already know that, don’t you? but what you didn’t know is, it was also part of material that made up this awesome water gatling gun. yes. gatling gun aka mini gun, the the fearsome, multi-barrel machine gun that rains metal slugs on thy enemies, causing pretty nasty damages and now, the same concept has been turned into a water gun or pistol, if you will, by one Alex Bygrave and the Sugru engineering and material teams. it took the 27-year-old engineer from Streatham Hill, South London, 50 hours to design and put together this super cool water ejecting Gatling gun with nothing more than everyday parts, ranging from black cab’s windscreen wiper to walking pole and of course, Sugru. Continue reading Guy Collaborates With Sugru To Create Super Cool Water Gatling Gun

Sonic Screwdriver Wand: When Doctor Who Meets Harry Potter

there is little in common between the world’s most doc, Doctor Who and wizard whiz kid Harry Potter except that they both hails from the U.K, but that doesn’t make a Sonic Screwdriver Wand anymore ridiculous – in fact, we thought that’s a pretty cool idea. we are not sure where you could purchase one after the one custom by Praeciarus Wands sold out, but if you have the knack with machinery, in particular wood working rigs, then Instructables member CabbitCastle is more than happy to show you how to craft one for yourself. though also based on the 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, CabbitCastle’s iteration takes on a slightly different twist by fusing it with Romana’s Sonic Screwdriver to complete the wand look. the entire Sonic Screwdriver Wand is crafted from wood (like a wizard’s wand should), turned on a micro lathe as two separate parts (the Doctor’s and Romana’s) and joint together by means of wood dowel and wood glue. Continue reading Sonic Screwdriver Wand: When Doctor Who Meets Harry Potter

Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car

the Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car is where your love for LEGO and RC cars come together, but in a way that will get you a little more involved then just opening the box and assembling the various bricks and technic parts together. drawing its inspiration from another fellow contributor ‘sath02’, this dragster-like vehicle combines two sets of LEGO Technic sets, Dune Duster (#8207) and Power Pack (#8720), and has a Arduino UNO R3 as its ‘brain’, while a XBee wireless control undertakes the remote control duty. so, no. this is not something you can buy off the rack; it is an instructables project by contributor ‘nfrith’ that goes beyond your usual Technic RC knowledge and dive into the wonderful world of Arduino and stuff to get it going. Continue reading Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car

Snail Mailbox Phone Alert

not everyone has mails everyday and therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be alerted only when there are mails in your snail mail mailbox? you can say that this isn’t all that necessary. true, but it is one of those little things in life could make life more efficient and in this case, the efficiency comes about because you don’t need to head out to check you letterbox if you know there isn’t anything in there. and it also has a fringe benefit: it can potentially solve or even foil mail theft, that’s if you are facing such a problem. as far as we know, there isn’t a commercially available snail mail notifier, but there are a bunch of ideas from talented DIY-ers, employing different methods to get user notified of “incoming mails.” well, here’s one, the Snail Mailbox Phone Alert, by instructables contributor ‘nikoala3’ to add to the list. as in most cases, Arduino Uno forms the basis of this particular DIY system. Continue reading Snail Mailbox Phone Alert

Seedbot – Seed Spreading Robot

we’d be lying to you if we say we are dying to do some serious farming works, but if we have such a handy helper like this build-able Seedbot, a seed spreading robot, then we might just pick up our hoes and shovels and get our delicate hands dirty. surprised by the lack of automated seeding machine, Technology Editor of Instructables randofo aka Randy Sarafan decided to design and make one himself. we shall leave the debate of as to whether there is a need for such a robot in our homes aside, but what we can tell you that we are totally impressed by the overall aesthetic of randofo’s Seedbot (i.e. debate not necessary, we want one!). and if Randy’s “gender” of “robot” is anything to go by, you know are following the right person for the instructions needed to creating this awesome machine. Continue reading Seedbot – Seed Spreading Robot

Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun

what happens if your “enemies” decided to storm your Nerf fortress outright? well, we say build yourself a couple of Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun to fortify your stronghold, that’s what you should do. designed and built by Instructables contributor BrittLiv (otherwise known as Britt Liv Ulrike Michelsen), the Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun is based on the Hasbro’s Nerf Vulcan foam launching toy gun and is modified to automatically aim and fire at the targets. while automation is the main purpose of this sentry gun, seen here in an appropriate black paint job, it can also be manually controlled using a joystick, a controller and even your computer mouse. at the heart of the Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun is an Arduino Uno which processes the instructions from the computer and fires the Vulcan, while visuals are acquired through the use of a webcam mounted just below the gun. the software can even be programmed to recognize logo to minimize the odds of “friendly fire” (but we can’t help you if you choose to stand sideway to the gun… just saying). Continue reading Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun

R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine

R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine
(photos: Love Hulten) R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine | €990.00 | www.lovehulten.com

we will be honest with you: we have long given up retro gaming ever since the evolution of modern game consoles. however we love Super Mario, we have to move on. we just can’t get enough or live without those smooth megapixel imageries but then we stumbled upon the R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine by Love Hulten. a machine that is so beautifully crafted that it almost felt like an ancient devil is upon us, beckoning us to take the leap back in time with its beauty. this awesome wooden arcade console drew its inspiration from the various retro game consoles and features a custom version of the Maximus Arcade front end that suits emulators like MAME, SNES, NES, et cetera. Continue reading R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine

Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base

Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base
(photos: Hpat) Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base | US$na | www.patrickhickey.eu

there are lots of cool stuff that money can buy but there are also some that are out of reach of money even if you have a burgeoning account. the Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma Base is just one of those things in life that you can’t buy with cash but as Instructables’ member, one Patrick Hickey has detailed, you could make one if you put your hands to work. though, such a lamp may not serve any actual lighting purpose but I suppose it should offer some ambience lighting for any retro-inspired décor. conjured up with a mixed of old school cassette tapes and a stock IKEA Hemma base, this awesome looking light can be a reality in your humble abode by mugging around with some screws and hard plastic glues. Continue reading Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base

vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/ flash
(image: Jason Hull) Vintage Camera Nightlights | US$tba | www.etsy.com

night lights for kids. don’t they just look overly cute or monotonous? even as an adult, i have always wanted to use nightlights but just because of the aforementioned, i didn’t. however, if those nightlights look like Flickr user, Jason Hull (aka Jayfish)’s creation, i would have grab it in a heart beat. what Hull did was, he converts old cameras dating back to the 50s ad 60s into awesome looking nightlights. as much as he love converting those vintage imaging devices into cool nightlights, he refrain from putting cameras that are in pristine condition or rare under the knife, which should give vintage camera enthusiasts a sigh of relief. vintage camera lovers will be glad that he only uses camera that are “lightweight plastic” and those that are produced in quantity which are easily source from the open market. Continue reading vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights