You Can Get This Fan-created Space Rocket Ride With LEGO Purchases

Good news, space fans. Starting from June 05, 2019, LEGO is having a Gift with Purchase campaign where you can bagged a fan-created LEGO 40335 Space Rocket Ride worth $12.99. Created by Texan engineer Mark, Space Rocket Ride was a winner of LEGO Ideas contest “Moments in Space” and it would be the first Gift […]

Good News Dino Fans, The Next LEGO Ideas Set Will Be Dinosaur Skeletons

Fans of dinosaurs will be glad that LEGO Ideas submission Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection by Jonathan Brunn, AKA Mukkinn), has been selected as the next official LEGO Ideas set. Announced at the recent LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review, Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection is the only set that made the […]

Rejected LEGO Ideas Projects Get A Second Chance Through Fan Vote

Wanting your favorite LEGO Ideas project to become an official LEGO Ideas set is akin to buying lottery. You gotta chip your one precious support (or vote), share the project in hope others will do the same, and ultimately, keeping your fingers crossed that LEGO will green lit the project. As a result, there are […]

Here’s To Hoping This LEGO “UCS-Style” Space Shuttle Atlantis Gets The Nod

Are you space nuts who are bothered by the fact that none of the space exploration set from LEGO aren’t minifigure-scale? If you do, then you are in for a treat. Well, almost. Meet the LEGO MOC UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis submitted by LEGO Ideas member Snelson42. Snelson42 envisioned a the space shuttle Atlantis in […]

Want A LEGO Thunderbirds Are Go Set? Then Support It On LEGO Ideas

From the LEGO enthusiast who brought to you LEGO Ideas Flintstones and LEGO Ideas Doctor Who, Andrew Clark AKA AndrewClark2, comes the LEGO MOC Thunderbirds Are Go that is currently being supported on LEGO Ideas. Clark designed this delightful Thunderbirds 2 set based on the 2015 animated series Thunderbirds Are Go. It has gotten very […]

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie Unveiled Along With Box Signing Events

Well, that was fast. Just last month, LEGO Review Board had green lit two new LEGO Ideas set as part of the Second 2018 Review Results. One of the submission that has gotten the nod was The Central Perk Coffee of Friends, which we had excitedly featured here a couple of weeks ago, and the […]

LEGO Takes A Jab At Samsung Galaxy Fold With Its Own “Foldable”

True to its spirit as a company that’s all about fun and creativity, LEGO has taken a jab at Samsung foldable phone by ‘showing off’ its own “foldable” which it calls ‘LEGO Fold’. The “device” claims to sport “a stunning 5-inch cover display” that unfolds into “an 11-inch pop-up story book,” which it further adds […]

LEGO Ideas The Central Perk Coffee Of Friends Approved By LEGO!

Fans of American television sitcom Friends (NBC, 1994-2004) can look forward to an official LEGO set featuring the classic gathering place in hit 90s series, known as The Central Perk Coffee. Originally a LEGO Ideas submission by 32-year-old LEGO enthusiast Aymeric Fievet, AKA Mric76, submitted way back in October 2016, Mric76’s LEGO Ideas The Central […]

It Is Sad That This LEGO Ideas Acclamator-class Assault Ship Did Not Make It As An Official Set

It has gotten the 10,000 support it needed, but sadly, this freaking awesome LEGO MOC Acclamator-class Assault Ship didn’t get the nods from the LEGO Review Board (it loses out to Treehouse and Flintstones). Perhaps, it wasn’t mainstream enough like its successor, the Imperial Star Destroyer? For the uninitiated, the Acclamator-class Assault Ship was an […]

Good News! NBC’s The Office May Become An Official LEGO Set!

Good news, fans of NBC’s interpretation of the popular British series The Office. The familiar office setting of the American’s version of the hit comedy series, along with key characters immortalized as minifigures, may just become an official LEGO set. I may not be a particularly huge fan of NBC’s The Office, but this LEGO […]