Proposed LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular Set: We Promised You Won’t Be Lost In There

IKEA has already collaborated with LEGO, and so a proposed LEGO Ideas set of an IKEA Store is more plausible than say the Milwaukee Art Museum (which, unfortunately, was not shortlisted in 2020) if it gets 10,000 support. And so yes, someone has proposed a LEGO set based on an IKEA store.

LEGO Ideas The Architect’s House By LEt.sGO Needs To Be An Official LEGO Set!

If you appreciate good architecture, you will appreciate what LEGO Ideas member LEt.sGO has proposed on LEGO Ideas. Called The Architect’s House, this LEGO MOC is exactly what you imagine an architect’s house would be. You know, set in a tranquil and picturesque coniferous forest within a rocky valley and while amidst nature, it is …

LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set: Foosball Table With A Brick-Twist

A foosball table aka Football Table (or Table Football) is a great fix for soccer fans who never get enough of football. Now, there is a (football table) for soccer fans who have a thing for LEGO too. Folks, meet the LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set.