Playable LEGO Grand Piano Totally Need To Be An Official LEGO Set

Finally, someone have created a Concert Grand Piano out of LEGO elements. And mind you, this is not a LEGO model of Grand Piano; this LEGO Grand Piano is totally playable. Designed and built by LEGO Ideas member, SleepyCow AKA Donny Chen, Playable LEGO Grand Piano is composed of 2,798 pieces and boast features I […]

You Can Get The LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book On October 27 And Have It Signed

Well, here is a new LEGO set that is going to take you back to your childhood time because, pop-up book and fairy tales. This is the LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop-Up Book originally designed and submitted by two LEGO Ideas members Grant Davis (AKA Grant_Davis_) and Jason Allemann (AKA JKBrickworks) back in August 2016. 21315 […]

The Old Workhorse Traction Engine Is Not Your Usual LEGO Ideas Submission

We have featured quite a number of LEGO Ideas (or LEGO Cuusoo up till 2014) submissions. Most of them caught our attention because they are themed around familiar pop culture. Beyond that, there are actually other noteworthy submissions. The Old Workhorse – Traction Engine by one LEGO Ideas member Bricked1980 is one of them.

I Would Love To Build Me Self A LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus!

For some reasons, popular Japanese mecha anime Gundam and LEGO does not click (pun intended, btw), but despite so, it does not stop avid LEGO enthusiast by the LEGO Ideas handle demon1408 from trying to get this mechas from this iconic anime to the world of LEGO. This piece called LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupin ASW-G-08 […]

LEGO Ideas SpaceX Set Got 10K Support, Features Musk’s Tesla Roadster

The LEGO Ideas SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection Set posted by LEGO enthusiast Matthew Nolan and co-created by the man himself and LEGO Saturn V co-designer Valerie Roche is a celebration of the commercial space race, specifically the achievements made by SpaceX thus far. The set features detail packed SpaceX fleet in 1:110 scale with […]

With Your Help, This LEGO Hasselblad 503CX Could Become A Real LEGO Set

Photography is a widely enjoyed hobby and so is custom LEGO creations. While so, there are not many custom LEGO creations that are photography-related. At least, not that we have come across that is worthy of mention. This one here however, from Taiwan-based photographer Helen Sham, is different. Any photography buff will immediately recognize this […]

LEGO Ideas TRON Legacy Set Has Not One But Two Light Cycles

Well, you have heard the exciting news late last year and now, we have the official words and images of the LEGO Idea TRON Legacy Light Cycle Set, originally created by BrickBros UK as a LEGO Ideas submission. And boy, is this set a beauty! No noticeable changes have been made since we last saw […]

Jake Sadovich’s LEGO Ideas Ship in A Bottle Becomes An Official Set

What you see here is yet another LEGO Ideas success story. This one here is by one Jake Sadovich (AKA JakeSadovich77) of Idaho called, well, Ship in a Bottle. Originally submitted to LEGO Ideas back in late 2016, it had pulled in 10,000 votes to qualified it for a review by the LEGO Ideas team […]

TRON Legacy By BrickBros UK Has Been Approved By LEGO Ideas Team

Good news, fans of TRON, specifically Disney’s reboot, the TRON Legacy because, BrickBros UK’s LEGO Ideas submission, TRON Legacy Light Cycle, has been approved as one of the next LEGO Ideas sets. Wise choice, LEGO Ideas team! For the record, I am not huge fan of TRON Legacy, but I can’t deny that Light Cycle […]

LEGO Ideas Voltron Transformable Set Gets LEGO Nods Of Approval!

It is a good thing that Transformers isn’t part of the LEGO collection since the sets will probably not be able to transform, which would be pretty damn lame because transforming is kind of the highlight of any Transformers toys. However, a recently approved LEGO Ideas submission may change all that. I am not saying […]