Lexus Hoverboard is Not Only Real, But it Can Hover Over Water too!

Remember the Lexus Hoverboard unveiled in June? Despite the skepticism, the hoverboard turns out to be a real deal. Yes. You heard that right. Back to the Future II kind of hoverboard is a reality, albeit hovering just slightly off the ground. A special skatepark called hoverpark was constructed to facilitate the testing of the […]

Wait, What? Lexus Has Developed a Real Working Hoverboard?

By now, we are all skeptics when it comes to hoverboard. Sure. We have seen a few ‘real-working’ examples like the record setting hoverboard, a magnetic levitation board that won’t work without metal underneath it and even a leaf blower-powered example. As real as they are, these ‘hoverboards’ are not quite the hoverboard we have […]

Lexus LF-C2 Concept Breaks Auto Design’s Tradition by Having a Roadster that Sits Four

Lexus, arguably the most successful Japanese luxury marque to date, pulls the wrap off a topless beauty in this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, which the automaker described as a 2+2 roadster. What??? A four-seater roadster? Well, apparently that’s what Lexus is proposing with the LF-C2 Concept Roadster, which kind of help to mess up […]

Lexus NX by Has Ultra-wide Body Kit and Packs Some Pretty Cool Tech Onboard

besides being a recording artiste as a solo act and a quarter of Black Eye Peas, is also a record producer, voice actor, DJ and an entrepreneur who dabbles in the tech arena. now, he can add car designer (well, kind of) to his resume with his collaboration with Lexus to create an one-off […]

This Custom 1971 Mercedes Pickup Truck Packs a Lexus V8 Engine

you have seen an electric car, a MINI, and even a Ferrari, chopped and turned into a pickup truck, now meet another beautiful example that’s converted from a classic 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D. granted that this particular example being put up for sale by South African car sale outfit, Sedgefield Classic Cars, is not the first […]

Lexus LF-NX Crossover Concept

no. what you see above is not a cartoonize Lexus. it is the Lexus LF-NX Crossover Concept, a vehicle that Lexus will be using to explore the “potential for a compact crossover within the Lexus model range”, but regardless what the Japanese luxury automaker says, we can’t really see any compactness in it or at least that’s

2014 Lexus IS Compact Sport Sedan

among all luxury sedan, there’s no doubt that Lexus is the forerunner in having the sporting look even for the so-called ‘regular’ version. case in point: the 2014 Lexus IS Compact Sport Sedan. set to grace the Detroit Auto Show on the January 15, the all-new IS model range comprises of IS 250, IS 350, plus the very first IS to be fitted with Lexus…