2020 LG K Series Has Sizable Bezel Like iPhone 11, But Somehow Looks Pretty Sleek

If you haven’t already heard, LG is still in the business of making handsets. Oh, right. It has just announced its flagship V series… Never mind. Prior to that, the brand actually revealed its K Series lineup for 2020. For 2020, K61, K51S and K41S will join the K50S and K40S announced at last year’s …

LG V60 ThinQ 5G Announced With SD865 Chip, 5G And Dual-Screen

While the big handset companies are turning out folding screen smartphones, LG seems to prefer to play it safe, so to speak, with dual screen device. That’s right. The V series is back, this time the LG V60 ThinQ is also a 5G device and a dual-screen device like the V50 ThinQ before it.

If You Love Apple TV+, You Will Want To Hear About This News From LG

Here’s a news dedicated to all TV junkies. If you love Apple’s very own streaming service, Apple TV+, you will be glad that Apple TV app and Apple TV+ is coming to 2019 LG TVs in the U.S. and 80+ other countries.

This Is LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator, It Lets You Grow Greens All-Year Round

Ever dreamed of cultivating your own greens, but you can’t because you live in city and in an apartment? Well, you could, possibly in near future, get your vertical indoor farming going with the LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator.

LG To Unveil 2020 Real 8K TV Lineup With Next-Gen AI Processor At CES 2020

If you have just upgraded to 4K TV, well, we have bad news for you. Home consumer technology has just moved on. Just when you are getting started to enjoy the eye-watering resolution offered by 4K TV, 8K TV is set to be a commonplace this year – thanks in part to LG expanded 8K …

LG CordZero A9 Stick Vacuum With Power Drive Mop And CordZero Robotic Mop Unveiled

LG is giving Dyson a run for its money with two new vacuum cleaners with new mopping capabilities. The first is the LG CordZero A9 Stick Vacuum that does vacuuming and mopping with a single stick-type device and the second is a new dedicated mopping robot called CordZero Robotic Mop.

LG Brings InstaView To Oven, Lets You Knock On Glass To See Inside

LG had this crazy idea of letting you “see-through” a fridge which turns out to be not so crazy after all for those with money to drop. Now, the company is bringing this technology, called InstaView, to oven too. Well, kind of.

LG Revealed New Gorgeous And Powerful LG gram Laptop Lineup For 2020

Unlike its key competition, Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows OS users have an abundant of hardware options when it comes to laptop. Having said that, if you are in the market for a gorgeous machine with performance to boot, well then, LG may just have the laptops for you in 2020.

LG Wants To Make Clean Air Possible Wherever You Go With This Portable Air Purifier

Here’s a new gadget from LG Electronics for anyone who is constantly suspicious of the air quality around them. It is portable air purifier called LG PuriCare. LG PuriCare is the world’s first filter-type portable air purifier.

Buy New 2019 LG OLED TV, Gets 12-Month Subscription To Disney+

LG has officially hopped onto the Disney+ streaming train. The other electronics giant from South Korea has announced that Disney+ app is now available on webOS-powered LG TV models produced in 2016 through 2019.