LG Set To Debut New Sound Bars With Google Assistant At CES 2019

LG has a lot to show off at next year’s CES in Vegas. Among them are the Capsule-based craft beer making machine and these: LG SL Series Sound Bars. Now, we do not have the numbers, but I am guessing LG’s first collaboration with Meridian Audio on its premium sound bars introduced at CES 2018 […]

LG Capsule System Wants To Take The Science Out Of Home Brew Beer

LG has been making home appliances far longer than it has been making mobile phones. As such, it has amassed a long catalog of home and kitchen appliances under its name that have pretty much every aspect of your life covered. That said, you would have thought the South Korean electronics giant would want coffee […]

LG Gets Into The “Smart Display” Game With XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9

Is smart display going to be the next big thing? I don’t know. It could be. Whatever it is, LG is into it too, with a new device called LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display. LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display is sort of LG’s take of the recently updated Amazon Echo Show […]

LG Defies Convention With Oblong Projector That Is Also A Smart TV

What’s your impression of a projector? Probably a flat box, or at best, a cube? And it is these norm that makes the LG HU80K Cinebeam Laser 4K Projector stands out in the market. Yes, the oblong thing you see here is a projector. Defying the norm, the HU80K from LG takes on a vertical […]

LG Announced 5-camera LG V40 ThinQ Smartphone And New “Hybrid Watch”

You know it is coming and here it is, the new LG V40 ThinQ. This latest in LG’s V series is, again, touted as a “multimedia powerhouse.” Powered by today’s flagship SoC, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform paired with 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage, the V40 ThinQ (stylized […]

While The Market Is Still Catching Up With 4K TV, 8K TV Is Already Here

While consumers are still in the process of catching up with 4K TV, Samsung is already in the future with 8K TV. You heard that right. 8K! That’s a whopping 7,680 x 4,320 pixels – double that of the resolution of the already eye-watering 4K UHD. So yeah, 8K is upon us and from here […]

LG V35 ThinQ Proves That Edge-to-Edge Display Is Still Great Without Notch

If you are in the market for a flagship smartphone that has no notch, then the LG V35 ThinQ may be worthy of your consideration. It is a sad fact. As the days go by, it is getting harder and harder to acquire a smartphone that is not on the notch-wagon. That said, the V35 […]

LG Activates Google Assistant On Its ThinQ AI 2018 Super UHD TVs

Remember the 2018 LG Super UHD TV with ThinQ Artificial Intelligence we read about a few months ago? Well, LG has announced that this lineup, along with the its LG OLED TVs, is now blessed with Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant without the need for additional hardware. With Google Assistant in the picture, you can […]

Jang Junyoung’s Disappearing Flat Screen TV Is The Future Of Television

Who else here thinks that a TV is an eyesore in any setting? I guess not many cos’ we have learned to come to terms with what we believe as the “necessary evil.” Well, what considered to be an eyesore to some, will not be anymore with Jang Junyoung’s 55-inch Transparent TV. The designer conceptualized […]

Oh, Look, LG’s Into The Notch Too As Shown By This Purported LG G7 Device

If there were to have a UFO hovering above a populous city, you imagine there would have more than a handful of people who have witnessed it. If you apply the same logic to a device that made a show at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, then more than just a media […]