According To Stock Photos, Scientists Are All About Staring

Unless you are a blogger, journalist or an educator, chances are you never knew how bad some stock photos can be. To be fair some of stock photos that does not involved humans are pretty awesome. Personally, I have no issues with stock photos, whether the subjects are humans or not, but I can’t the […]

Nature’s Food Chain Caught In Action In This Epic Photograph

In what-could-be-a once-in-a-lifetime shot, Florida-based fine-art nature photographer known by the name Doc Jon captured a still image showing a food chain unfolding before him. The photograph in question managed to immortalize an osprey that had a small shark secured firmly to its talons. All seems fairly normal, but that was until Jon zoomed in […]

Trees Growing On Abandoned Ship Is A Reminder Of Nature’s Resilience

Now, we don’t where or when this photograph originated and who have taken it, but you know it is a good image when you see one. But being breathtaking is one thing; it also serves as a reminder of how resilience nature is. Apparently, this has happened in the waters of Australia. A boat was, […]

Someone Has Written A Book On “How To Seduce Women Through Photography” And We Are Not Amused

It is a well known fact that if you have the talent for musical instrument, particularly piano, you’d be able to impress girls. Or at least, that’s what I believe to be so. I insist piano is the key to “seducing women,” or just about any human being and I may be right about this […]

Images Of Tiny Hedgehog Camping Are Sure To Make You Go Awww…

This is Azuki, a super adorable Japanese hedgehog who has a following larger on Instagram than some so-called “social media influencers” and for obvious reasons. He is incredibly cute. He is usually seen dressed up as a rabbit, chilling out in cosy comforter or in his miniature house, and just being cute without needing to […]

Photographer Captures Lit Vending Machines Like You Never Seen Before

Japan is well known for, among the many things, vending machines. It is the country is practically littered with vending machines that peddles everything from drinks to snacks to disposal underwear. The last we checked, it is estimated that the country have as many vending machines as the population in Singapore. That’s like over five […]

These Toy Figures Photos Are The Best Thing To Happen To Plastic Toys

Toy action figures you find at retail stores like Toy’r Us are, well, just toys. Unlike those coming from Hot Toys, they are designed to be played with (or should we say, ‘toyed’ with) by kids and sometimes, grown ups like myself. In other words, they are hardly worthy of collectors’ time. I guess we […]

Veteran Photographer’s Photo Book Weighs As Much As A Small Person!

What you see here is a photo book of epic proportion, called Equation of Time, containing masterpieces of Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik. So, just how big is this photo book? Well, it measures an unprecedented 30.25 x 22.25 x 6.25 inches (roughly 76.8 x 56.5 x 15.9 centimeters) and weighs a very hefty 106 […]

Relonch Is The Marriage Of Lo-fi And Digital Imaging, Less The Intricacies

If the science behind photography stops you from picking up a proper camera and kneel in submission before a smartphone, then a new service called Relonch is here to help. First, it wants you take the bold step in using an actual camera without you actually owning one. How’s that going work, you ask? Well, […]