The Force of Cuteness is Strong in These Miniature Star Wars Plush Toys

Apart from a handful of droids and maybe the Ewoks, there’s nothing cute about Star Wars characters. Is Jabba the Hutt, cute? We hardly think so. And would you consider Darth Vader and his cronies of Stormtroopers adorable? Nope. Never. They are cool, but never cute. Despite that, it didn’t stop Japanese toy maker, Takara […]

This Limited Edition Godzilla Plush Toy Will Cost You 500 Bucks

this year marks the 60th year since the birth of one of the world’s most recognizable big screen monster Godzilla or more favorably known by the Japanese as Gojira (ゴジラ) (not be confused with the French heavy metal band), which means fans can expect quite a few monster commemorative merchandizes to surface. we have seen […]

Vicious Plush Toys by Nats Toys

forget what you know about those cushy, plush toys. you are all grown up now and so should your plush toys, that’s if you still insists on having some around. instead of cute little minions, you should be looking at these Vicious Plush Toys by Nats Toys. trust me, these plush toys will make foul-mouthed, talking Ted looks tame.

MessagePetz WiFi-enabled Teddy Bear

we wouldn’t the say the MessagePetz WiFi-enabled Teddy Bear is the best way to communicate with your kids, but it is suffice to say that it will at least keep your “minimally” child and you connected while you are away, minus the annoyance and ‘danger’ of social networks. what this teddy will do is to allow

Ubooly Plush Toy

so your old iPhone or iPod touch just became a hand-me-down for your kids? well, don’t just let them fiddle with the cold, hard, emotionless gadgets. get them a Ubooly and give them the childhood they deserves. so what’s this oddly named plush is all about? for starter, Ubooly is a cuddly, plush toy but instead of those boring non-reciprocating plush you have when you…

Griffin Woogie 2 – turn your iPhone into a huggable device

you know your kids love to play with your iPhone and yet, every time you have to bite your teeth in hope that nothing disastrous will happen to your lovely iDevice when they are playing with it…

Swoop The Owl lets you get comfy with your iPhone, on bed

we have seen many iPhone cases in the market, and many more of them sprouting out as we speak. however, the Swoop The Owl is the first that we have seen so far that allows it to be hugged – literally. Swoop The Owl is not an iPhone case per say but it’s a mobile plush toy that…