Parrot Second-Gen Bebop Imaging Drone Is Faster And Flies Longer

The fun of hobbyist drones are hampered by battery life. I mean, 10 minutes may seem like eternity if you don’t have clue about flying or don’t know what you are doing, but for the rest, 10 minutes may feel like a minute or two. That’s the problem the new Parrot Bebop 2 Drone solves. […]

It’s a Tank. It’s a Quadcopter. No, it is a Radio Control Flying Tank!

RC cars have its limitation. It can’t get over obstacles, but B Remote Control Flying Car solves that quite easily with massive wheels and if the object is too much even for big wheels, it can always fly over them. But what if the terrain is too brutal and you would still like to traverse […]

Pico-Falcon Star Wars RC Toys Let Your Dream of Flying Iconic Star Wars Fighters a Dream Come True

We have seen Star Wars-loving, radio controlled hobbyists trying all they could to make iconic Star Wars fighters come to life as remote controlled aircraft on Planet Earth, but those are just, well, too complex for some folks. Lucky for those who are not as apt in crafting a foam into a X-Wing Fighter, Millennium […]

CyPhy LVL 1 Drone Achieves Level Flight without Pitching Forward, Can Be Yours for $500

These days, companies big and small can design and make drones, but if you really look at it, innovation is usually not at the top of these makers’ priority. But not for commercial drone maker CyPhy, whose first consumer drone, LVL 1, literally reinvented multi rotor drone with Level-Up Technology that enables the drone to […]

3D Robotics’ New Solo Drone Can Fly Autonomously So You Can Focus on Camera Control

Imaging drone opens up to a world of possibilities (and kind of puts helicopter pilots out of job) in videography, allowing previously costly aerial shots to be made by almost anyone, but it does has its inherent problem: flying and taking good camera shots simply do not mix. Not that it can’t be done, but […]

OnePlus’ April Fools’ Day Tiny Drone Prank Turns Out to be a Real-deal

Can you imagine a handset maker making drones? Nope we can’t, but our opinions will not affect China handset maker, OnePlus, from embarking on a prank that says they do and even setup an elaborate web page, detailing the remote control toy “features” and capability, you know, to be more convincing. The quadcopter in question […]

ElecFreaks’ ELF Nano Drone Wants to Take Selfie to a Greater Height, Boast VR for 3D Videoing Too

If you think selfie stick limits your selfie potential i.e. you’re missing the background and such, then an imaging drone is the answer. And if want to take drone-based imaging to yet another level, there’s the ELF 3D-VR Nano Drone. As the product name implies, it is a drone that not only does what the […]

This Bat-inspired Robot Drone May Be The Future of Natural Disaster Rescue

We have read and seen drones developed to cover air, land and even sea, but one that can take to sky like any regular flying drone and yet crawl on all fours? Now, that’s something new (and pretty creepy, if you ask me). Technically, DALER or Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot, does not crawl on all […]

Now You Can 3D Print A Radio Controlled Car For Free

You know remote controlled cars, but do you know that you can actually DIY one by 3D printing? Not only can you 3D print it, but you can do so for free. Yup. That’s right. Free. This is what 3DRacers is offering you. Presented during the Rome Maker Faire 2014 with an early beta, the […]

Carbon Flyer is Made Entirely Out of Real Carbon Fiber, Could Be the Toughest Video Drone Ever

The Carbon Flyer you see here may look a like a paper plane, but it is no weakling; it is tough as a nail, being crafted out of actual carbon fiber material in its entirety. In addition to the extreme toughness attributed by the carbon fiber construction, its dual coreless motors setup uses thrust vectoring […]