You Won’t Believe These Are Actually Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists yearning to unleash the feline side of themselves can certainly look to Neko Motorcycle Helmets. Created by Russian Nitrinos motostudio, these full-face helmets look like any regular full-face helmets, but with a pair of feline-inspired ears atop. Dubbed Neko Motorcycle Helmets, the addition of the fiberglass cat ears make the helmet looks very cat-ish, […]

Will This Awesome Boba Fett-Inspired Tactical Armor Ever Be Made?

What you see here is not an Earthly iteration of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett cosplay getup. Dubbed the GalacTac Project, this made-for-airsoft battle ‘armor’ suit is designed Ryan B. Flowers for AR5000 Armor with involvement by several other “industry leaders,” including Heckler & Koch, TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, […]

This Backpack Wants To Help You To Escape A Burning High-rise

We would imagine getting trap in a burning high-rise building is as helpless as getting trap in a failing aircraft. While commercial entities are exploring ways to save souls in the sky, an Israeli company has developed a rescue device that could help those who are trapped in burning tall buildings where no safer exit […]

Vozz Helmets’ RS 1.0 Splits Open To Fit Your Head, Says Goodbye To Chinstrap

Motorcycle helmets have for decades, saved lives from ending in a snap and while designed have changed over the years to provide even more protection, how it is worn remains the same. Donning a motorcycle helmet is the same pull on-pull off method and sometimes, a chinstrap to secure in place. And probably it is […]

Speakers-equipped Running Vest Lets You Run And Listen To Music Without Cutting Out Environment Noises

Running while listening to your favorite tunes can boost your performance, but not without its danger. Danger like being cut off from the all-important environment noises such as approaching automobile. Damson solves this by introducing bone conduction headphones by introducing sound directly to your skull so your ears can remain open to hear other ambient […]

Livall’s Smart Bike Helmet Has Tons of LEDs, Plays Music and Take Calls Too

Leveraging on the technology available today, Chinese company Livall, has created a bicycle helmet that can be truly call high-tech. Dubbed Bling, this smart helmet goes beyond protecting the cyclist’s head in an event of a crash; it also serves to increase the road presence of the cyclist with the use of no less than […]

Stellight Bicycle Light Offers a Cool 1 Million Possible Light Patterns

Bicycle is a tiny vehicle as compared to the rest of the beasts out on the road and hence, letting other road users know you presence is critical. That said, regular flashing lights may not be enough to draw attention to you and your bike and on the personalization aspect, it don’t quite speak your […]

Wrist-worn Inflatable Can Save You From Drowning with a Pull of a Lever

According to WHO, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide with some 372,000 recorded deaths. Sadly, Tom Agapiades’s good friend was among that statistic which prompted Tom to invent Kingii, a wrist-worn inflatable device that aims to prevent such tragedy from happening to anyone. Unlike life vest which could be cumbersome, […]

Garmin’s Varia Rearview Radar Puts ‘Eyes’ Behind Your Bike

Cycling is a dangerous affair due in part to vanity and sometimes, performance sake. Makes sense cos’ why would anyone ‘tarnish’ the sleek aesthetic of a 5,000 dollars Kevlar and carbon fiber bike with mirrors and that’s not to mention breaking the aerodynamic in process which may prevent you from reaching (bicycle) hyper speed, but […]

This Smoke Alarm is So Smart That It Can Even Warn You of Tornadoes

The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm you see here is, as its product name suggests, an intelligent smoke detector that is also preset, out-of-the-box, to receive tornado warnings and push them to your mobile so you and your family can be better prepared for any imminent threats. It is hard to imagine smoke alarm has come […]