This Startup Wants You To Take On The Last Mile With Shared E-Scooters

If you don’t already know, bike sharing is all the rage in Asia, especially in China and in East Asia. When we talked about bike sharing, we are not talking about those two-wheeler you pick up at fixed locations; we are talking about bikes that you can pick up anywhere you can find littered around. […]

Concept Link Is A BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100-inspired, Ermmm, Scooter?

At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW’s two-wheel division, BMW Motorrad, also has something to show off and it is a scooter-like electric two-wheeler called BMW Motorrad Concept Link Urban Mobility. It is, well, how do I say? Futuristic? I mean, it is nothing like somewhat Tron-ish BMW Vision Next 100, it is futuristic […]

Mind-blown: These Tubes Are Actually Folded Down Electric Scooters!

Billed as the world’s most portable electric scooter, the GoTube Super Portable Electric Scooter by Hong Kong-based East Go does not even look remotely like an electric scooter when folded down. In fact, this 12.8 lbs (5.8 kg) new kid in the electric mobility looks more like a yoga mat when kept inside the included […]

Vespa Goes Green With Planned Electrified Vespa, Arriving In 2017

Good news, tree-hugging Vespa lovers, or rather, tree-huggers who was denied loving Vespa for the fuel it guzzles and smog it kicks out because Piaggio Group, the company behind the ever-loveable Vespa, has written a new future for this iconic scooter and it is an electric concept called Vespa Elettrica. You heard that right. Vespa […]

eFOLDi: Mobility Scooter Reinvented To Double As a Chair And a Suitcase

You know those mobility scooters use by folks who have mobility issues? Yeah. Those three-wheeled electric vehicles. They aren’t exactly mobile, are they? I mean, stairs posed a major problem and so do getting on public transportations like buses and trains. Well, those, my friend, are problems eliminated if SunTech has its way. The company’s […]

The Nimble Urban Is A Kick-powered, Foldable Scooter With Cargo Space

Skateboard, skatescooter (or kick scooter, as some calls it) and bicycle are transportations designed to get us to where we want to go quicker with less sweat. They are environmentally friendly and efficient so far, except that they lacks of the cargo area. For bicycle you can hook it with a basket or a trailer, […]

Airwheel A3 is Like the Segway, but With Saddle and Narrower Too

Segway is cool. It is being used the world over, including by the famous fictional Mall Cop named Paul Blart, but lets face it: not everyone fancy standing like Blart and if you happen to be among the ‘not everyone’, then China-based Airwheel’s electric self-balancing scooter, A3, might right up alley. It is the company’s […]

Yamaha 03GEN Concept: 3-wheeled Scooter Never Looked This Good

Things must have gone pretty fast at Yamaha Motor. Just last year, we saw the first concept trike, named 01GEN and before we know it, we have missed out the second expression and it is now at the third expression, simply called 03GEN. Unlike the first concept which is both a sport bike with a […]

Johanson3: Electric Scooter Morphed Into A Trike, Can Carry Cargo Or One More Person

Electric scooter has long plagued by one major problem: it only sits one. Granted that electric scooter hasn’t been around for very long, but we reckon the one-seater restriction is one of the main reason that it is not widely accepted as the choice transportation. While we have seen quite a few, including the likes […]

Czech’s Cezeta Reborn, Introduces New Electric Scooter Based On The Classic Type 501 and 502

once in a while, a scooter comes along that really gets us excited and the Cezeta Type 506 Electric Scooter is one such scooter. if you think the Type 506 looks somewhat familiar, well, it is because it is based on the reborn Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) scooter maker’s Type 501 and Type 502 scooters, […]