Nerf Battle Racer Lets Your Pedal Into The Battleground Fully Loaded

The reality of Nerf battles is, the ammunition will run out at some point. Rather than being caught with the pants down, so to speak, a rig like the Nerf Battle Racer Ride On can come in pretty handy. Created by Germany toy maker Hauck Toys, Nerf Battle Racer is actually a pedal kart decked […]

Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S For Kids Charges Like The Real Thing

Whether you are a Tesla Model S owner or someone who’s yearning for a Tesla ride but don’t have the money, I am sure the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer will delight you. I mean, you won’t be able to drive it, but at least your kid will grow up driving daddy’s […]

3rd Generation Power Wheels F-150 Ride-on Toy Is The Kiddie Version Of The 2015 F-150

being kids these days are nothing short of lucky, especially if they have parents with deep pockets. not only do they get to share the joy of gadgets with grown ups, they even have miniature rides to call their own. and when we say ‘miniature rides’ we meant ride-on toys that are pretty much a […]

Third-Generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids

if you think ride-on toys like the Range Rover Sport 12V is a luxury for kids, you ain’t seen nothing yet. when it comes down to the ultimate in luxury miniature car for kids, the third-generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids are guaranteed to take the cake. familiar automobile features like independent suspension systems, disc brakes…

Range Rover Sport 12-Volt Ride-on Toy

how to prove that you want the best for your kids and you are not a selfish grown up? get your kids the Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on Toy, that’s how. the Range Rover Sport 12-Volt Ride-on Toy is a ride-on toy modeled after the Land Rover SUV introduced earlier this year and we have to say it looks pretty damn cool.

“Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride

stop duping your kids with those stationary kiddie rides. all they do is shake along with music and be done with it in an unrealistic fashion but with the “Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride, things for your kid is going to get a little bit more yee-har! literally. developed by Southland Engineering Company this kiddie ride

MINI Christmas Gifts 2012

love MINI? then we are pretty sure that you would want to indulge yourself and your love ones with MINI lifestyle products for this Holiday season. the good news is, MINI is ready to have you covered in this respect. MINI has prepped a collection that’s going to rock anyone from baby to growth ups. some of the highlights include MINI Folding Bike Lime that features an aluminum…