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Agility Saietta takes electric bike design to the next level

Agility Saietta main 544x384px
(image credit: Saietta) Agility Saietta Electric Bike | from £9,975.00 | saietta.com

the last time we posted about an electric bike, it looks pretty much like its gas-guzzling counterpart but the recently unveiled Agility Saietta from British firm Agility Global Ltd., is set to blow your mind away with its unconventional design which admittedly, isn’t for everyone. then again, if you going to make an electric bike why not take it a step further and looks the part of future? the Saietta is available in two versions, the S and the R model. the S and R models will differ in both range and of course, performance with the S having a modest 50 mile range and the R, a 100 mile range. the S will hit the century mark in 5 seconds while the R is a second quicker. Continue reading Agility Saietta takes electric bike design to the next level

eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike

Mission Motors Mission R - front angled view 544px
a superbike is not uncommon but an electric superbike is something don’t see very often, not to mention one that’s built to race. with the electric cars becoming a reality for mass production, there’s no reason the same can’t be done for bikes, and in this instant, a superbike. Mission Motors‘s Mission R is an all new electric superbike that is built to race with a purpose-built frame. Continue reading eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike

sporty (carbon-fiber) power cruiser – the Renard Grand Tourer GT

Renard Grand Tourer GT 544px
Renard Grand Tourer GT | approximately US$96,000 | renardmotorcycles.com

if you are a carbon fiber fan, this 2-wheeler from Renard Motorcycles might interest you. you can’t get it right now, but it will be available next year – if you have US$96,000 to spare. Continue reading sporty (carbon-fiber) power cruiser – the Renard Grand Tourer GT

limited production Icon Sheene ultrabike

Icon Sheene Super Bike(photo source: iconsheene.com)
only 52 of these ultrabike will be available worldwide. get this right, that is not even 1 bike per country. acquire one of this and you will become part of the exclusive Sheene 52 club. each Icon Sheen is hand-built and custom to your build and specifications, so no two bikes are the same. how’s that for exclusivity, asides for the limited production numbers? with a hand-built 1400cc Suzuki turbocharged engine pushing out 250 screaming horse power to it’s rear wheel, the Icon Sheene definitely lives up to its name and a worthy tribute to the late Barry Sheene. hardware specs aside, each bike is hand-painted with an image of a playing card which differs from bike to bike as a deck of cards has 52 in all. the artist responsible is Mike Fairholme, the man who painted Sheene’s own helmets. exclusive Icon Sheene helmets, painted by Mike Fairholme, is also available optionally to owners of Icon Sheene. another point up for exclusivity.

visit Icon Sheene website.