Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: A Back Brace Steampunked

What if a person finds out that he or she needs to wear a post-surgical device such a back brace, for example? While others may resigned to the fate and live with it for as long as it takes for them to get well, Maddie, who suffered a T12 fracture from a bad wreck, is […]

Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber Will Most Certainly Set Your Steampunk Gears in Motion

Steampunk and LEGO is like a match made in heaven. No Wait. What am I talking about? LEGO is a match made in heaven with anything, but I, if not all of us here, have this special affinity for steampunk stuff and to associate this fabulous subject with LEGO is like the best thing since […]

This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

remember the Steampunk LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Markus1984 we featured a couple of weeks ago? well, sadly. it didn’t take the trophy at the competition, but the good news is, Markus1984’s entry for the final round at the FBTB MOC Madness, a Steampunk Millennium Falcon, took the first place. congratulations Markus1984. you have impressed […]

Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

AT-AT is a monster machine in the Star Wars universe, but it is freaking cumbersome and slow, and faces threat from relatively tiny, cable-towing Snowspeeders. however, that doesn’t make it any less cool and it won’t stop LEGO builder Markus1984 from recreating it in LEGO, in steampunk guise, which completely blow our mind. just look […]

Steampunk R2-D2 by Nocturne Armory

as beautiful as the steampunk R2-D2 by artist AmoebaBoy is, it is still an art that won’t move. we don’t blame him, cos’ it is, after all, an art sculpture and something tells us that sculptures don’t usually moves. however, the recent Steampunk R2-D2 iteration by Nocturne Armory takes the steampunk R2 droid to the…

Crazy Combat Catapults

weapons of any kind are all dangerous, but still, there’s no denying that anything that involves projectile is pretty alluring, especially to man. however, not all are inclined to pick up a weapon because of various reasons ranging from local laws, social stigma, risks et cetera. so the Crazy Combat Catapults seem like an awesome solution.

Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer

if you have a Victorian era kind of interior decor, you have to agree that no modern gadgets are going fit it, much less a PC. well, that won’t be case if you do yourself a favor and grab this 14 grand custom Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer off from eBay – but do heed that the $14k here is just the starting bid.

Vintage Industrial Brass Table Lamps

take a look at the Vintage Industrial Brass Table Lamps. do you think a LED or energy saving bulb will go with its aesthetic? no, it won’t and therefore, for a complete vintage industrial look, a super non-energy efficient filament has to be used, and not just any filament bulb, it has to be the Edison bulbs if you dig the look as

Bicycle Silver Steampunk Playing Cards

steampunk does not equates or remotely related to industrial design but like all things awesome, it doesn’t hurt a bit to combine a bit of both (do note that steampunk is frictional while industrial design is very real). though we thought steampunk and industrial design makes an unlikely fit together but this is where the Bicycle Silver Steampunk…