BMW Announces New i Collection, Includes Solar Charger for Charging Your Gadgets

Have an unquestionable love for BMW i Series? Or maybe you just have a thing for whatever the Munich automaker serves up? If so, then the BMW i Collection will be a delightful news to you. Apart from the obvious stylish elements typical of BMW, the i Collection takes on a sustainable approach when creating …

Kotn: Minimalistic Designer T-Shirt Made from Egyptian Cotton That Won’t Break Your Bank

We all know why some folks prefer designer tees. Despite their ridiculous stickers, they promised absolute quality, or so we were told. But do we really know what it’s worth beside it being ‘designed’ by celebrity designers? And can everyone afford to shell out hundred dollars for a basic tee? Absolutely not. That is what …

This Is Optimus Prime Souped Up By A Bathing Ape And It Looks Awesome

the classic Optimus Prime sheds its red/blue with flame design as part of the Transformers x A Bathing Ape 2014 Capsule Collection, which was announced to coincide with the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Japan on August 8, which is kind of weird that the the collaboration did not base on the silverscreen …

The PopLyfe Tees For Dads

men do not bear children, but we share the same responsibility and joy as women do, nonetheless. we may have skipped the physical pain and ‘burden’ portions while on the way to be becoming parents, we still maintain the right to savor the fruit of love and The PopLyfe Tees For Dads is exactly what you need to wear them like a badge of honor.

Hexoskin Wireless Shirt

there’s a limit to what a smartwatch can do when it comes to monitoring your body metrics during your exercise routine and as a watch, it sometimes can’t get essential data such as heart rate or ECG without having to rig yourself with a bunch other gears. that, needless to say, will impede your mobility which is not favorable as far as sports is concerned.

Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks

sometimes a geek is not immediately noticeable (but most of the time, they are), and so in case you need to pronounce that fact louder, then this Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks is definitely the must-have tee. just like a geek, the tee has no-frills and just straight-to-the-point ‘i am a geek’ pronouncement

George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print

if you are passionate about political satires, you will be familiar with George Orwell (1903-1950). among the handful of works Orwell had written, the most notable would no doubt be 1984 (1949), which is why these limited edition t-shirts, the George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print, caught our attention.

Cities T-Shirt by Pilot and Captain

if you have been following this blog, you probably have noticed that we hardly do apparels, much less tees but there are times for exceptions and such a time happens to be now. that said, when we first laid eyes on the Cities T-Shirt by Pilot and Captain, we felt an overwhelming sense of stylishness in them and naturally, we wanted to share such awesome finds with you folks…