High Schooler Built A Drivable Scale WWII Tank That Actually Shoots

Building a tank by a non-military contractor is nothing new and is building a scale, drivable tank, but a scale drivable tank by a person who’s barely out of his teens? Well, that is something new. What you see here is a 1:2.5 scale ‘replica’ of the WWII-era Pershing Tank built from the ground up […]

Israel’s Next-Gen Tank, Carmel, Needs Just Two Crew To Operate

If there’s one thing Israel is known for, it would be the country’s striving military industry. The country’s military sector has turned up quite number of military hardware that have well proven their worth. Among those hardware is the Merkava Main Battle Tank, a fearsome armored fighting vehicle that was tailored made for the Israel […]

This Armored Riot Control Vehicle From Europe Is Futuristically Dystopia

Just as we read about the remake of John Carpenter’s dystopia cult classic Escape from New York (or rather, a prequel, according to MovieWeb), we saw this: Bozena Riot vehicle from Bozena Security Systems. Rather ominous, don’t you think? Anyways, just in case the future turns out to be all messed up, Bozena Security Systems’ […]

Kurdish Peshmerga Rolled Out Homemade Tanks To Fight ISIS

If the movie Mad Max is anything indication of a desolated future, then that future is probably here already. The basis of such apocalyptic future usually involved armed fighters conjuring up their own defenses and weapons, and in the case of Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq, they are doing exactly the same: rolling out homemade tanks […]

This Is T14 Armata, Russia’s First Robot Tank With Unmanned Turret

As far as tank design goes, the newest main battle tank of Russia, the T14 Armata developed by long-time tank manufacturer UralVagonZavod, is nothing radical. It looks like what a tank supposed to be (and what a T tank supposed to be), but beneath that thick wall of armor is a rather interesting tech that […]

Russia’s First Armored Fire Truck Has T-72 and T-80 Tanks’ DNA In It

This is what you get when a tank maker decides to make a fire fighting vehicle. Simply referred to as Special Fire Fight Vehicle, this tank-based fire fighting machine is the product of Russia state-owned engineering company Omsktransmash, or Omsk Transport Machine Factory in English. Omsktransmash does not specifically build tanks though; it’s main business […]

This Insane Tank-body Fire Truck Uses MiG-21 Jet Engines To Fight Fire

Technically speaking, the fire truck you see here is not a fire truck; it should be called a fire tank jet, or jet fire tank, because it is actually a Frankenstein creation that composes of a WWII-era Russian T34 tank with a pair of MiG-21 fighter jet engines bolted on top of it. As you […]

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank Has No Big Gun, But Does Jumps and Drifts

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a tank like Arnold Schwarzenegger does, but then again, who needs a hulking piece of war machine that you can’t even shoot for real? I mean, it is not legal right? However, if you have the fantasy of driving one or better yet, crushing things with a tracked […]

If Professor X Is Badass Enough, This Wheelchair With Tank Treads Would Be His Wheelchair Of Choice

we can’t say if the Der Ziesel Sport Vehicle is specifically designed for disabled people, but it will sure add some off-road excitement for these folks. after all, being wheelchair bound doesn’t mean they have to limit their way of life as far as adrenalin thrill is concerned. in any case, the Der Ziesel is […]

Travel: Experience The Power Of Armored Vehicles At Drive A Tank

whenever we talk about holiday destinations, most people think of sandy white beaches, clear turquoise water or the less expensive thrills like those offered by theme parks. those are the norms and so you’d be forgiven if those destinations are among the first thing that pops up in your mind. however, if you looking for […]