Treemetrics 3-D Laser Scan Forest Monitor

It is said that 20 percent of trees harvested ended up as waste because they are not fit for use. If the data holds true, then this is a matter of grave concern as there are only about 3 trillion trees on the entire planet, which means we don’t have the luxury of stock and thus, we can’t be ignoring this on-going wastage. To curb this unnecessary waste, an Ireland-based company, Treemetrics, has came up with an innovative solution that allows forest managers to understand how many logs can a particular tree yield and even determine the quality.

In conjunction with European Space Agency, whom is responsible for pulling in the data from satellites, and aerial and drone photography, Treemetrics’ “laser radar” 3-D scans the forest to determine the straightness and the heath of the tree. With the data at hand, forest owners will have a more accurate view of the potential of each tree and therefore, will be able to decide if a tree should be fell. In this way, it will reduce, if not eliminate, the wastage that has been plaguing the logging industry. This in turn also translate to money-saving for the forest owners.

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However, this does not mitigate the world’s problem with depleting trees which has been blamed in part for global warming. In any case, it is good to see folks taking measures to prevent trees from dying in vain. According to a report, Treemetrics’ solution is being used by state forest agencies in 26 countries and private forest owners.

via Discovery News