Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset - White
Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset | US$34.95 | www.turtlebeach.com

now that Nintendo Wii U is official, time is ripe to sweep up some gears for it. we can see that the industry is not as forthcoming with the accessories as yet, well, at least not as passionate as those iPhone accessories maker who are busy turning out loads of accessories for iPhone 5 even before it hits the stores but nevertheless, you can kick off your love for the new Wii U by grabbing yourself a pair of the Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset +Stereo Sound and the good news is, it will make you just $34.95 poorer. not bad eh? available in black or white, the NLa has but two things to offer: reproducing your game audio in hi-fi audio and crystal clear communication, wrapped in a lightweight and durable design. in case you missed it, the NLa is designed specially for use with the new Wii U GamePad controller and features inline volume control, noise-isolating ear cushions to keep you immerse in the gaming environment, and its 4-pole connector can be disconnected for the GamePad for use with portable devices such as, you guessed it, Nintendo 3Ds and the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system. arriving in the four quarter of this year. hit the jump for a couple of images for your viewing pleasure.

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