Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Sport Utility Vehicle

Just as Volkswagen is just making its first deliveries of the ID.3 1st Edition electric vehicle, the German car maker has premiered another electric vehicle: the ID.4, a fully electrically driven SUV that the VW dub marque said goes beyond zero emissions; it is produced with so-called “a carbon-neutral balance.”

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Sport Utility Vehicle

VW ID.4 is a gorgeous ride powered by an electric drivetrain that puts out 150 kW (204 PS/204 HP) of power and promised a range of up to 520 kilometers (323 miles) from its 77 kWh battery system. The ID.4 can be recharged with DC to cover the next 320 kilometers at a DC quick-charging station in about 30 minutes.

Power from the electric motor, which is positioned at the rear axle, is put to good use at the rear wheels. Performance-wise, the ID.4 is obviously not going to make land speed record. However, it is fairly quick, making the century sprint (0-62 mph) in 8.5 seconds and has a top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph).

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Sport Utility Vehicle

The electric vehicle further boasts an aerodynamic with a 0.28 drag coefficient, LED head and taillights (interactive IQ.Light LED matrix headlights on the range-topper), 21-inch wheels, 543-1,575 liters of cargo space, optional augmented reality head-up display, two displays – including one 12-inch touch display, ID.Light under the windscreen to guide driver without distraction, and more.

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There are three trim levels available: a Germany-only ID.4 Pro Performance that starts at €44,450 (equivalent to US$51,861), and the ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max that sells for €49,950 and €59,950 (about US$58,289 and US$96,204), respectively.

In addition, there is an entry-level model set to be added to the lineup in 2021. ID.4 Pure, which offers a modest range of just 340 kilometers (211 miles), will price at “under €37,000.” It is, however, not available to order yet.

Pre-sale for the new Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Sport Utility Vehicle (except for the Pure) has been launched in Germany and select EU countries.

All images courtesy of Volkswagen Group.