The recently revealed Yolopark x Soskill Optimus Prime PLAMO Kit will only hit the market in Q4 2021, but already Yolopark has revealed yet another officially licensed PLAMO kit with Soskill.

Yolopark x Soskill Shockwave Model Kit

This time, it is the Decepticon Shockwave who have been given the plastic model treatment. The Shockwave here is, of course, based on his (very brief) appearance on 2018’s Transformers Bumblebee movie.

Not a lot is known about this second PLAMO kit. In fact, there were just some images of the prototype sample. But I think those images alone are enough to impress any fan of Transformers.

Yolopark x Soskill Shockwave Model Kit

Based on those images, we know that the outer pieces can be removed to reveal an incredibly detailed mechanism of Shockwave. This detail is sure to tickle the fancy of geeks (me included).

More details of the Yolopark x Soskill Shockwave Model Kit should be available at Shanghai WF 2021, happening between June 13 and 14. Hopefully, colored prototype will be revealed, along with the pricing.

Yolopark x Soskill Shockwave Model Kit

Images: Facebook (@Yolopark)/Weibo (@yolopark) [CH].

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