You know how you can make yourself into a superhero or Stormtrooper in action figure proportion? But what if you are not a fan of either? Or 3 inches just don’t speak volume about the mighty you? Well, here’s the solution: a 25-inch inflatable figure of yourself, or whoever you want, really. Called, the Italian company lets you create a 25-inch tall inflatable doll (hence the name with custom image of your face, or anyone of your choosing.

All you have to do is to hit up, upload a headshot and select the desired shirts, pants, shoes and accessories (jewelry, watch, scarf and whatnot) and wait for the mini me or mini-whoever to be delivered to you. It that simple. You can even choose to your real life attire to be printed on this inflatable doll too, but I would imagine that will cost extra as the website did mention something about sending in a pic of you in the attire for a quote. Hmmm, why does this sounds like an awesome gift for someone who has an inflated ego? Oops.

Inflatable Doll of Yourself by

Anyways, the inflatable doll is of high-quality materials and the high-resolution printing is resistant to water and it can be inflated and it is durable enough to be inflated/deflated several times. Inflating the doll is via an inflation valve, presumably by the action of blowing it. However, the website did not mention where the valve is located. We just hope it is not located in an “awkward area,” if you know what I mean. A standard doll will run you back at €29.99 (around US$37) plus shipping. So, as you can see, it is not cheap, but man, it does look like fun… even if you don’t have an inflated ego.

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Come to think of it, it could be the perfect gift for a friend who almost always never turn up for those all-important gathering. You know, for those days he or she failed to turn up, the mini me of his (or her) could take his/her place, so he/she will not have to miss a wefie anymore. Brilliant.


via the gadgeteer.

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