already got yourself a Stormtrooper mini-me? how about taking on the persona of say, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? well, in mini-me form of course, too? as it, putting your face on a 12-inch Marvel superhero action figures. that’s what Hasbro, Marvel, Disney and a 3D printing company, 3DPlusMe is offering, albeit for a limited time. only two action figures are being offered: Iron Man and Captain America. so evil folks, no villains for you. so i guess its time to turn over a new leaf, perhaps? known as Super Awesome Me, the program allows you to purchase the aforementioned Marvel superheroes with a head sculpt made from the scan of your head. but like the Stormtrooper mini-me, this will have to be done in-store, which you can find across ten Walmart and two Sam’s Club locations for a limited time between September 19 and September 28.

the designated store will have in-store scanning station where a 3D face scanner captures your likeness to create a 3D model and once done, all you have to wait for a month for it to be ready for pick up at Walmart locations or for Sam’s Club customers, to be shipped to them. other than the head, or in the case of Iron Man, only the face, everything else is what you expect of an action figure, including an articulated plastic action figure body, standing 12 inches tall. expect to shell out around $45 for such super awesomeness, and also, naturally, it is only available to those who resides in the U.S. it is a shame that elsewhere don’t get to enjoy such an awesomeness.

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