Bizarre KFC Inventions Being Crowdfunded

KFC, the world’s famous fried chicken whipped by 11 secret herbs and spices via a patented pressure frying process, strikes again with some really bizarre and wacky inventions. The thing is, KFC is no stranger to wacky merchandises and the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, Colonel Sanders Floatie, KFC Scented Candle – just to name a few – were not the last of them.

Bizarre KFC Inventions Being Crowdfunded

Through KFC Innovations Lab, KFC has taken to crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, to ask you to consider some of its rather wacky creations, including a Kentucky Fried Hot Tub that bears the likeness of a KFC bucket, a Colonel on Ice show where you have a chance to star as the man himself, the iconic Colonel Sanders bow tie that doubles as a location tracker, a universal remote that takes the form of a walking cane, and finally, a picnic table and bench set made out of cardboard, complete with a life-size cardboard Colonel to, you know, hold a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Those right there are five separate Indiegogo campaigns, btw. Here’s a quick rundown of each of the item, straight from the horse’s (or chicken?) mouth:

Kentucky Fried Hot Tub: Introducing a revolution in hot tub technology – a hot tub that looks like a KFC bucket. This giant bucket features wood-fired thermosyphoning heating technology, the capacity for five fried chicken-loving people, and a full 360 degrees of Kentucky Fried Chicken branding.
Colonel on Ice: For years people have been inspired by the story of how Colonel Harland Sanders went from a sixth grade drop out to the founder of a fried chicken empire. So, KFC will tell the story in a way that has captivated the world – by spinning around on ice.
Little Colonel Locator: The newest innovation in Colonel-approved fashion, the Little Colonel Locator combines fashionable neckwear with the latest in location-tracking technology. The world’s first location-tracking necktie will help you find anyone or anything that’s wearing this tie – as long as they’re within 100 feet of your smartphone.
Smart Cane Remote: Available for anyone who doesn’t want to stand up and turn the television dial. The Smart Cane Remote combines the best of both products – smart remotes and canes – into one product that is stylish, functional and totally new.
Picnic with the Colonel: The greatest development in picnicking technology that’s made out of cardboard. This kit includes a pop-up table and life-size cardboard Colonel to hold a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (sold separately at KFC restaurants nationwide). Never again will you have to enjoy your $20 Fill Up while sitting on a flimsy picnic blanket.

Kentucky Innovations Lab Swags

If those aren’t your cuppa (some of them are really, really expensive), there are other perks awaiting, including KFC Innovations Lab sweatpants, t-shirts and a 3-D puffy sticker pack. We believe KFC is the first ever major fast food chain to have taken to crowdfunding platform to pull off a comprehensive marketing stunt. Don’t need to check the calendar. These products are NOT a joke. They are as real as the fixed goal. Meaning, if the individual products get funded, Kentucky Innovations Lab will honor the pledge and get down to producing the funded idea. So, fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken, what you are you waiting for? Skip ahead for a playlist of the pitch videos.

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Images: KFC.

Source: ADWEEK.