There are gamers who feel nostalgic about the Nintendo DS and then there is a gamer who feels nostalgic, looked at his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and thought: it can work as a DS substitute!

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip Into A Nintendo DS
This is how the device looks when closed.

According to time, DS is not that ancient but the technological advancement in handheld gaming begs to differ, and hence, here we are, witnessing one dude who turns his Galaxy Z Flips 3 into a DS.

Redditor MikeDubbz 3D printed an adapter to hold the phone and a pair of Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are paired with the phone via Bluetooth. After that, it was just a matter of installing an emulator for the Switch controls to map to the phone and another emulator for playing DS games on the device. Brilliant. Absolutely.

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip Into A Nintendo DS
It looks like it can be adapted to other controllers too.

P.S. also from Reddit, we learned that this Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not the first phone to do so. Apparently, someone already did back in 2021 with another very apt device: Microsoft Surface Duo.

Images: Reddit (u/MikeDubbz).

via nintendolife.

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