LG will be kicking off 2013 with a line of audio and video products, and among them there is this little baby, the LG NP6630 Wireless Portable Speaker, that caught our eyes in an instant. not only does it looks pretty but it is packed with wireless connectivities that one can only dream of (well, at least for a portable speaker). we are not saying it is the perfect portable speaker but as far as looks and connectivity goes, this one takes the cake. having several wireless connectivity brings about obvious advantage: you can choose between which wireless audio streaming protocol you desire and not having to worry that switching to a different make of smartphone will make the speaker redundant. this 20W unit offers support for Near Field Communication (NFC), Apple’s AirPlay, as well as Bluetooth technology to wireless stream music from a wide range of mobile devices. it feels kind of awesome that non-iDevice can take advantage of Bluetooth audio streaming and if you phone is equipped with NFC, you can choose the NFC route too. so if you are like me who has different makes of mobile devices, this is the go to wireless portable speaker. on the aesthetic department, it sports a roundish, triangular form that terminates on one end with a very sleek, stainless steel band, along with a very Apple-ish, minimalist power button. it is not known whether other colorways will be offered but more should be made known when this little guy makes it world debut, along with the rest of the 2013 LG AV lineup, at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES, January 8-11) in Las Vegas. scroll down for a few more look.

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